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Are you currently managing your sales leads manually with spreadsheets? Or perhaps you’re using a CRM system that isn’t quite right for your sales process? If you’re looking for a solution to manage your leads more effectively, then what better way to show you how FLG works than walk you through how we use the platform ourselves to onboard our customers.

FLG is completely flexible and we help our customers build automated workflows around their own unique sales process. Here’s a step-by-step explanation of how we use it from the moment a new lead is received to checking in with customers after they subscribe:

Written by Lauren Shaw

1. New lead received

When we receive a new lead, it’s automatically allocated to our user group on a round-robin basis and a welcome email is sent to the lead from the assigned user. Then, a task is created for the assigned user to give them a call to onboard customers.

Both the welcome email and call task are part of a ‘Chase Contact’ workflow that automatically starts when a lead is received.

2. First contact

During the first call the user has with the lead they use our Journeys feature to carry out a fact find. They ask for information about the company and check that FLG is a good fit for their requirements.

Journeys prompts the user to ask all the relevant questions and easily allows them to collect the data they need and save it against the lead. Once the Journey is complete they change the lead status to ‘Fact Find Complete’.


3. Book a demo

The user then schedules a demo with our Appointments feature to onboard customers. This checks the user’s availability in FLG and their external calendar, and allows them to arrange a mutually convenient time with the customer to show them around the platform.

The user’s calendar is automatically updated and the appointment is added to the lead view. Then, user changes the lead status to ‘Demo Arranged’ and an automatic task is created for them to update their calendar with the dial-in details for our conferencing software before sending the demo invitation to the lead.

Changing the status to ‘Demo Arranged’ automatically starts the ‘Demo Arranged’ workflow, which sends an appointment reminder email to the lead on the morning of the appointment.

4. Free trial

Once the demo has been completed, the user changes the lead status to ‘Demo Complete’ and at this stage the lead typically takes out a free trial. If the lead chooses to go ahead with the trial, the user changes the lead status to ‘Free Trial’.

This triggers the ‘Free Trial’ workflow, which sends an on-boarding email to the lead with useful information to help them get set up. The user is also tasked with some follow-up calls to see how they’re getting on and offer their assistance if required.

5. Subscription

After the free trial comes to an end, if the customer decides to take out a subscription the lead is switched to an ‘Active’ status which starts the ‘New Customer’ workflow.

This sends the customer an email with some useful on-boarding information and lets them know how to contact our support team should they need any assistance. The user is then tasked with some account management calls to check in with the customer over the course of 4 months following the subscription date.

And there you have it – in a nutshell, that’s how we onboard FLG customers.


To recap:

  • New leads are automatically allocated to a user and a welcome email is sent
  • The user calls them and uses Journeys to carry out a fact-find
  • The user schedules a demo using the Appointments feature
  • A free trial is set up and the user is tasked with some follow-up calls
  • The customer subscribes, they receive an on-boarding information email and the user is tasked with some account management calls to check in with them.

But the power of automated workflows means you can set up the platform however you need it to work for your own sales process.



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