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When your agents are tasked with making a high volume of calls, it can be both frustrating and time-consuming when telephone numbers aren’t valid.

When a new lead comes in to FLG, there’s a simple way to automatically verify if the telephone number is valid.

In this post we outline how FLG customer Salience has built a flow with Flow XO for Workflow to connect FLG to a third-party verification solution, which can confirm if the telephone numbers attached to new leads are valid before agents are tasked to call them.


Build a simple flow with Flow XO for Workflow

Flow XO for Workflow is an automated platform that allows you to create drag and drop workflows, which you can use to connect triggers in FLG to actions that you wish to take place. For example, when a new lead comes in (the trigger), the flow verifies the telephone number (the action). 


Your agents’ time is precious. By creating an automated workflow with Flow XO and connecting to a 3rd-party verification solution, you can ensure that they are only calling valid telephone numbers.

Verify telephone numbers

Salience uses Flow XO for Workflow to connect FLG to 3rd-party service Data8 to verify if telephone numbers are valid.

  1. A new lead comes into FLG
  2. Flow XO makes a HTTP request to the Data8 API to verify the telephone number
  3. The telephone number is verified and the status is sent back to FLG
  4. A custom field in the lead is updated with the telephone number validation result
  5. Lead types are set to only refer once the custom field is updated with the required success status

Verifying telephone numbers is just one example of the useful integrations you can implement with Flow XO for Workflow. There are over 100 modules and integrations you can use as building blocks to create a flow, each of which can act as a trigger or an action.

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