FLG’s lead management automation software allows you to create step-by-step workflows to quickly place leads with the right agent, department or office within your business, or refer them to external partners.

All leads are automatically allocated to the agent or partner best placed to effectively handle and convert them, and you have a clear view of their progress and status every step of the way.

Using automated sales lead management, route your leads based on:

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Agent or partner speciality

You likely have agents or teams that, formally or not, have built up a speciality within a particular area - for example an agent especially knowledgeable in pet insurance and another in life insurance. Or perhaps you work with partners that handle different types of leads. FLG can forward leads based on these specialities or referral preferences, maximising the chance of you being able to sell or convert the lead and reduce sales cycle times.

Source of the lead

Every lead that enters your business can be tracked from its source, allowing you to establish rules to forward them based on where they came from. For example, you may have a partner that forwards specialist claims over or bring in leads from multiple websites with different sales messages. Wherever they come from, FLG can use specialised lead management automation rules to ensure they are directed to the right place.

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Anticipated value

If you capture information early on that helps determine the overall value of a lead, you can forward to different agents, teams or partners based on set thresholds. In addition, you can make sure that leads over a certain size are pushed to the front of the queue, or even automatically notify managers that they are in the system. This way, you can ensure lucrative leads aren’t accidentally overlooked or ignored.

Postcode or location

You might have sales representatives or partners located around the country and need to forward leads to them based on their specific location. FLG allows you to define individual postcode areas (the first two letters of a postcode) or go into more detail allowing you to forward to a specific town postcode, helping you to ensure leads consistently land with the right people or partners.

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Automatically route your enquiries to the right people or partners, every time

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Products Used

The FLG family of products is a complete, hosted framework designed to work seamlessly together. We enable your business to receive, manage, process and convert leads in a completely secure environment.

FLG Core

Our main lead processing software, capturing every single enquiry from the point of receipt and managing it through to conversion.

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Flow XO for Workflow

Gain a better level of control over your FLG leads and customer data by integrating your 3rd-party systems with powerful workflows.

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