Leads are the fuel of any business, they represent potential customers, projects and revenue. Finding more effective ways to gather them and providing a platform for customers to quickly and easily register an enquiry with your business can be the difference between long-term business success and failure.

Making it simple for your customers to get in touch is critical. FLG Core and Flow XO for Workflow can help your business to maximise on its lead capturing potential. By accepting leads via your website, phone, email, SMS text, live chat or even an automated chatbot you can increase the number of routes potential customers have access to in order to be able to work with you.

FLG can help you capture more sales leads across a number of areas:

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Web enquiries are a key way for many businesses to gather leads. Create a form in FLG Core and drop it right onto your existing website by simply copying the generated code and pasting it onto your existing page. As soon as a customer completes the form, a lead is automatically created.


Connect FLG Core with off-the-shelf diallers to integrate incoming and outbound calls with leads. This allows you to automatically populate number information into new leads or present existing leads on-screen when a call is received allowing staff to access the right information quickly and easily.

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Set up workflows that can automatically receive emails generated from other systems and parse that data right into a new FLG Core lead. It’s a simple mechanism perfectly suited to exchanging data between systems if you’re not comfortable with APIs.


FLG Core can ‘listen’ for specific keywords sent to a unique SMS number and create leads automatically. For example, your customers could send the keyword ‘claim’ and their name to have a lead created before receiving a reply asking for more information.

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Live chat or chatbot

Implement a live chat with an agent or create a completely automated chatbot and have leads from your website, SMS or Facebook Messenger come straight into your business. Unlike filling in an online form, interacting with a chatbot feels much more like a normal conversation to your customer, putting them more at ease and making a slightly more personal first impression.

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Products Used

The FLG family of products is a complete, hosted framework designed to work seamlessly together. We enable your business to receive, manage, process and convert leads in a completely secure environment.

FLG Core

Our main lead processing software, capturing every single enquiry from the point of receipt and managing it through to conversion.

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Flow XO for Chat

Create an automated chatbot that allows you to be available to your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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