Call centre software solutions are vital to the efficiency and effectiveness of any lead generation call centre. A great piece of software that can be integrated into the workflow of a company can enable agents to have every bit of information available to them in an instant, meaning you can rely on technology for knowledge, rather than a particular employee.

This is where the FLG Family of products can help. At the click of a button, the call logs, emails, text messages and attachments of a lead are available to every agent, allowing them to pick-up a conversation where they, or a colleague, left off.

This single lead view provides agents with a snapshot of every activity on the account, both generated automatically by workflows or by other agents within your business.


FLG can empower your agents:

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Immediate view of a lead’s status

Central on every lead activity view is the current status of the lead, showing where in the overall sales process that contact is. This way all your agents will immediately know what next steps need to be taken, and no unprofessional signs of a repeated workflow will occur.

Easy access to essential customer details

Next, you’ll find all the essential customer information you’ll need in order to make contact with them immediately, including main contact name, telephone numbers and email address.

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Full activity history

Every action associated with a lead is logged and available for agents across your business to view. Here you’ll find a filterable list of events, notes, calls, emails, SMS – allowing you to see exactly what has been sent to each lead.

Instantly send and receive letters, emails or SMS

At the click of a button, agents can send letters, emails and SMS messages based on pre-defined templates, but, in order to keep everything associated with a lead in one place, agents can also receive incoming emails and SMS. To ensure your staff don’t miss a thing, agents can also be sent an alert when an email or SMS has arrived.

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Auto-show the lead when on a call

When connected to a dialler system, FLG can automatically show the lead activity for the customer being called or dialling in. This streamlines activity and increases professionalism on the call, with all information guaranteed to be ready to hand.

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Products Used

The FLG family of products is a complete, hosted framework designed to work seamlessly together. We enable your business to receive, manage, process and convert leads in a completely secure environment.

FLG Core

Our main lead processing software, capturing every single enquiry from the point of receipt and managing it through to conversion.

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