FLG is an easy-to-use CRM that helps mortgage advisers manage enquiries consistently
by automating customer touchpoints – nothing missed, no opportunity left behind.

Already trusted by 100s of financial advice firms and 1,000s of advisers across the UK:

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Honestly now, is this the best way to
manage your mortgage enquiries?

Manual methods or systems that aren’t fit for purpose can result in lost opportunities
and limit your growth potential. You need a secure and reliable system
that supports your advisers and puts accurate data at your fingertips.

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Spreadsheets can’t handle
1,000s of enquiries effectively

  • Tedious manual work, easy to make mistakes, hard to manage consistently
  • Doesn’t scale well with multiple users, difficult to collaborate
  • Limited integrations and automation, hard to consolidate with other data
  • Vulnerable to fraud and file corruption, obstructive to regulatory compliance
  • Unsuitable for business continuity – full data recovery can be difficult
  • Multiple systems needed for different tasks (phone, calendar, email).

Why accept the risk of mistakes or a file corruption that could bring your business to its knees in minutes?

Off the shelf CRMs
don’t fit what you do

  • Expensive with too many features, or affordable but lack important features
  • Too rigid – can’t follow your processes
  • Light apps don’t have APIs and are not automated
  • Zero or limited storage for your KYC documents
  • Lack the compliance and reporting functionality you need
  • Costly set-up & support, impersonal service from overseas teams.

Generic CRMs can’t be tailored to your process to automate it, putting the onus back on your advisers.

How much is this costing your business?

Doing nothing could cost you much more
than doing something about it.

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  • £1,000s in lost revenue because you can’t respond to enquiries quickly enough
  • Disciplinary sanctions if you fall short of FCA and GDPR regulations
  • 100s of wasted hours on admin that could be spent advising
  • Paying for multiple tools and resources to fill the gaps
  • Limited growth potential

What if you could close more deals by
automating your sales process with a dedicated
CRM built for financial advisers?

FLG is a flexible platform with all the features you need to build powerful
workflows around your entire process and manage enquiries efficiently,
helping you win more new and repeat business.

or call to discuss your requirements on 01282 798545

Gather enquiries and manage records in one central place

  • Seamless real-time enquiries from any source,
    including top financial lead generators
  • Logic-based enquiry distribution based on postcode,
    mortgage value and more
  • Acknowledge enquiries automatically and
    prompt advisers to make immediate contact
  • Multi-channel 1:1, automatic or bulk contact
    via email, SMS & letter templates
  • Route replies back to advisers,
    showing a complete timeline of every interaction
  • Schedule contact to nurture enquiries
    and promote other products and services
  • A central, prioritised adviser task stream –
    no important steps are missed.

How many more enquiries could you turn into customers by managing them efficiently?

Process enquiries consistently and automate customer touchpoints

  • Define statuses for each product in your portfolio
  • Create powerful workflows triggered by
    status changes or completed actions
  • Guide advisers with step-by-step processes
    and scripted fact-find forms
  • Use conditional logic to gather essential data
    based on your customer’s prior responses
  • Create a mandatory checklist for sending
    document packs or submitting lender applications
  • Schedule tasks and reminders around
    follow-ups, appointments and events
  • Personalise follow-up sequences
    with dynamic content.

Let FLG be your reliable admin assistant. We’ll automate routine tasks and communications so your advisers can focus on what they do best – advising your customers!

Check in on progress and get more customers over the line

  • Slick reporting to see where enquiries are up to,
    monitor milestones and identify bottlenecks
  • Speed up your process with external,
    customer-facing, mobile-friendly forms
  • Let customers book their own appointments and
    sync your external calendars to avoid diary clashes
  • Instant and accurate calculations for LTV ratios,
    income, expenditure and more with our built-in tool
  • Set tasks and reminders for your processing team
    to chase packs and mortgage offers
  • Define frequent call outcomes to wrap up
    conversations with a single click
  • Schedule contact ahead of product expiry
    dates to win repeat business.

Time is money – generate more revenue by quickly turning more enquiries into lifelong customers.

Ensure FCA and GDPR compliance

  • Track customer contact preferences and consent
  • Integrate your dialler or telephony solution
    to automatically save call notes & recordings
  • Create case notes to record fee information and advice
    given or upload files with unlimited document storage
  • Let customers check and eSign completed forms online
  • Control access and safeguard data with granular
    user permissions
  • View a complete timeline of customer contact and
    activities, audit logs, and time-stamped reports
  • A secure platform, hosted in ISO 27001 certified
    UK data centres.

A robust and reliable platform, trusted by 1,000s of advisers since 2007 to store customer data and help them remain compliant.

Never worry about falling short of regulations again.

Unlike with other CRMs, there’s no need to change your sales process

  • Accessible online, wherever your advisers are working
  • Flexible and easily configured to do what you need it to
    (e.g. create a new linked lead for your insurance team
    to upsell protection products)
  • Mirrors how YOU do business, automating your process
    for maximum efficiency and consistency.

Free up time for your advisers and watch your business grow.

A central hub with lots of integration options
to move data between your web apps

  • Connect seamlessly with 3,000+ external
    web apps and automate workflows between
    them with our Zapier integration
  • Use our API or powerful webhooks
    to link FLG with many popular tools and services
  • Receive leads directly from lead providers
  • Integrate with your external calendars
  • Best of breed secure voice integrations for financial services,
    including diallers and Aircall & CircleLoop telephony systems.

And if you ever need any help?

We’re a UK-based company for UK customers with a friendly team of in-house experts to give you first-class, hands-on support via telephone and email – included in your monthly subscription!

100s of UK financial advice firms can’t be wrong –
here’s what some of them have to say…

“Fantastic System. I have used various different CRM systems over the years but FLG has functionalities that none of the others do. FLG is cost-effective and you get real value for money. I feel it would improve any business that doesn’t have a CRM system in place.

“Our Account Manager Dan has been a great help from start to finish and is always on the other end of the phone when needed. Thanks Guys!”


William Gibson, Director

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“Excellent CRM system! We have been using FLG as our CRM system for 5 years now for our mortgage and insurance clients.

“The system itself can be used for a multitude of purposes and built to do whatever you want it to do, It’s also great value.”

Richard Norman, Operations Manager

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Many mortgages brokers have already switched to FLG
to help their business soar – when will you?

We help teams just like yours to manage their enquiries and close more deals.
Trust the experts to help you win more business.

or give us a call on 01282 798545

  • FLG started out as a bespoke lead management tool for a financial business – we excel at what we do
  • Used by network-appointed representatives and directly authorised brokers
  • Many loyal customers that have been with us for over a decade
  • The first choice for existing users branching out to start up their own firm
  • One person start-ups scale with us to many users handling 100,000s of enquiries

Finance is our bag – we understand what you do and FLG was purpose-built to support it.
Whether you’re just starting out or you’re expanding your business,
let us take away your growing pains.


Try FLG for free for 7 days
– no contract, no credit card

Just request a demo below to get started

  • Free 7-day trial
  • Zero set-up fees
  • Affordable monthly subscriptions – cancel anytime
  • Free 5* hands-on onboarding and support

All this incredible value and more for less
than the cost of a daily cup of coffee per adviser.

During the demo we’ll discuss your current process, problems and goals,
show you how to get better results with FLG, and get you set up with a free trial.

Have a question? Give us a call on 01282 798545

We’re here to help! Contact our friendly team of experts and we’ll answer any questions you might have.

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or you can always drop us a message if you have any questions.