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Build powerful reports

FLG Insights comes with over 30 pre-written reports for you to choose from, allowing you to quickly understand how your business, sales teams and marketing are performing.

Of course, each report can then be edited to suit your individual business needs, or you can simply create a brand-new custom reports from scratch should a template not fit.

Display data as a list, pivot or chart

The way you visualise your data will depend on what you are reporting on. Sometimes a simple list is effective - for example listing every partner that supplies leads to your business. Other times, a pivot table provides an extremely effective way to group complex data in rows and columns that can then be filtered and sorted. Alternatively, a line, area, bar or pie chart are really useful ways to understand data in a truly visual format.

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Create and display your FLG Core lead data in chart format

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Schedule reports to be sent at set times

If you have regular reports that you want to run and distribute at set times, FLG Insights allows you to set up schedules that can email reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis - or at customisable times you control. You can also use FLG Insights to specify the format of the exported report and define the email circulation list to send it to. Meaning that you and your management teams can get important business data without lifting a finger!

Schedule who you want reports to be sent to, and how frequently

Count, sum or average data

Any of your FLG Core system and user fields can be added to a report in FLG Insights and then be manipulated by creating columns that sum, count and average data together with highlighting minimum/maximum values. Once data is added, you can then additionally format the way in which this data is displayed within your reports.

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Export your data quickly

Sometimes you just need to gets access to your raw data, which is why all FLG Insights reports can be exported in both PDF and CSV formats. PDF is perfect for printing and sharing with colleagues whereas Comma Separated Value (CSV) presents you with your data in an industry-standard format that you can then open in almost any office or analytics software - such as Google Sheets, Apple Numbers or Microsoft Excel.

View reports on your mobile devices

You’re likely to need access to your essential FLG data when you are in meetings, on the call centre floor, or out of the office, which is why every FLG Insights report can be viewed, filtered and sorted on your tablet device - ensuring you have access to up-to-date and accurate data on the go.

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See how understanding your data can lead to more sales

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Store your data securely

Access to masses of data can naturally be a concern to businesses, especially when you want to stay on the right side of GDPR and other data protection laws. Learn more

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Gain amazing insight into your business

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The FLG family of products is a complete, hosted framework designed to work seamlessly together. We enable your business to receive, manage, process and convert leads in a completely secure environment.

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FLG Insights is free to all customers on our XL and Concierge plans.