With over 100 different 3rd party integrations, Flow XO for Workflow can provide you with intelligent data manipulation, activations based on external events and a direct integration into Flow XO for Chat. This gives you unprecedented control over data and workflows.

Flow XO for Workflow allows you to:

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Easily share data across all your apps

Being able to integrate and share data across your business is crucial for ensuring data and leads end up in the right places. Flow XO for Workflow has over 100 integrations to the most popular apps and services, giving you incredibly flexible access to all of your data.

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Trigger workflows to commence at specific time of the day, week or month

As well as automating the start of a workflow using different triggers, workflows can also be timed to occur and repeat at specific times. This allows you to ensure that leads are in the right places at the right times, or even help to set up an agent’s day by providing them with the leads to follow up.

Increase the conversion rate of your enquiries

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Initiate your workflow in multiple ways

Workflows can be initiated by external systems, webhooks or by ‘listening’ for specified terms in a conversation in Flow XO for Chat. This gives you a range of flexible options ensuring you can initiate workflows from anywhere.

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Tightly integrate data with HTTP/JSON

If you have an in-house system that requires deep integration with FLG, Flow XO for Workflow can help. The system allows you to send and receive data using standard HTTP/JSON calls allowing for simple integration.

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Use filters and logic to give your workflows intelligence

Using “if this then …” style decision making within your workflows gives them the intelligence to make decisions on triggers and data as they are received. This allows you to automate a lot of your workflows and help to assign leads based on predefined rules.

Perform text, number and data manipulations

Flow XO for Workflow can perform basic calculations and manipulation data within a flow. This is useful, for example, if you wish to add columns in a spreadsheet and get a total or perhaps trim a name provided from a Chatbot into a first and second name. It works seamlessly with all of our integrations.

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Further Benefits

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Store your data securely

Access to masses of data can naturally be a concern to businesses, especially when you want to stay on the right side of GDPR and other data protection laws. Learn more

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Create conversations with customers

From the moment a lead is received, keep your customer informed by sending and receiving automated communications based on powerful workflows. Learn more

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Automatically take payments from your customers

Perhaps you want to process a deposit payment before a full application is processed. Learn more

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Connect FLG with your existing applications

With over 100 integrations to choose from, you can pass your sales lead data around your business quickly and seamlessly. Learn more

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Automate your entire sales workflow

Automated workflows allow you to quickly place leads with the right agent, department or office within your business. Learn more

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