FLG is the only easy-to-use online CRM for SMEs that can help you manage 100,000s of leads and
automate customer touchpoints without changing your sales process.

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Used by 100s of small to medium businesses across the UK:

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Honestly now, is this the best way to
manage your leads?

Manual methods or systems that aren’t fit for
purpose can do more harm than good.

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Spreadsheets can’t handle
100,000s of leads…

spreadsheets are hard
  • Time consuming
  • Difficult to manage
  • Risk of human error
  • Not automated

Off the shelf CRMs can be
difficult to use…

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  • Too many/few features
  • Inflexible
  • Poor integration options
  • Costly, impersonal support

How much is this costing your small business?

The cost of doing nothing could be much more than
doing something about it.

or let’s chat over the phone on: 01282 798545

  • Lost opportunities and limited growth potential
  • Wasted time that could be spent selling
  • Paying for multiple tools and resources to fill the gaps
  • Regulatory penalties

What if you could manage 100,000s
of leads effectively by automating your
sales process?

FLG is the only simple CRM system with all the features you need to
manage your leads and build the best CRM workflows around your entire sales
process, without having to change it.

or call to discuss your requirements on 01282 798545

Lead management – up to 1 million CRM leads

  • Gather leads from any source
  • Bulk imports
  • Logic-based lead distribution
  • Automated intelligent workflows
  • Bulk exports, edits and updates
  • Advanced de-duplication features
  • Reporting & analytics

How many sales could you close with
more leads being managed correctly?

Get FLG - Manage 1 million leads
Get FLG - Ensure user compliance

Ensure compliance

  • Built-in templates
  • Track contact preferences & consent
  • Step-by-step guided call scripts
  • E-signatures
  • Integrations with diallers & telephony services to save call notes & recordings
  • Time-stamped audit report
  • Secure cloud-based SaaS platform, hosted in ISO 27001 certified data centres in the UK and the Republic of Ireland

GDPR ComplianceNever worry about falling
short on compliance again.

  • Personalised follow-up sequences
  • Contact around appointments & events
  • Customer-facing external fact-find forms
  • Powerful workflows triggered by a status
    change or completed action
  • Automated onboarding processes
  • Chase down unresponsive leads
    with multi-channel marketing

What if you could halve the time it takes to follow up a lead?

Get FLG - Automate customer touchpoints
Get FLG - Intelligent automation

Intelligent automation
that’s easy to use

“We have used FLG for a while now and I would definitely recommend this company to anyone, their platform is super easy to use and can be integrated with pretty much everything. Their support team are consistently helpful and they always let us know when something new is coming.”

Mark Jenkins
Money Management Team

And if you ever need any help?

We have a friendly team of experts available to give you personal, hands-on FREE support via telephone and email – all included in your monthly subscription!

All this without having to change your processes

Unlike other CRMs for small businesses, we don’t force you to change your process. FLG mirrors how you do business with automated workflows. The difference is, it does it more efficiently , so your team can focus on closing more sales and you can focus on growing your business.

You don’t have to change your sales process.

Get FLG - Sales funnel

A central hub with lots of integration options
to move data between your web apps

  • Connect seamlessly with 3,000+ external
    web apps and automate workflows between
    them with our Zapier integration
  • Use our API or powerful webhooks
    to link FLG with many popular tools and services
  • Receive leads directly from lead providers
  • Integrate with your external calendars
  • Voice integrations with diallers,
    and Aircall & CircleLoop telephony systems

Over 5,000 UK users can’t be wrong – read what
some of them have to say

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Hundreds of companies have already
switched to FLG, when will you?

FLG is already helping teams just like yours to manage their
leads and close more deals.

Try FLG for free for 7 days – no contracts, no credit card.
Just request a demo below to get started.

In the demonstration we’ll focus on evaluating your current process,
problems and goals, show you how FLG could help you get better results,
and get you set up with a free trial.

Have a question? Give us a call on 01282 798545

We’re here to help! Contact our friendly team of experts and we’ll answer any questions you might have.

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