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Do you need to collect large amounts of data from your customers? When it comes to building forms to gather this information, maybe you're restricted by limited fields and the need to write code to create them?

If this sounds familiar, then we've got you covered with our brand new feature, Journeys.

What is Journeys?

Journeys allows you to capture ‘fact find’ type information about your customers, helping you collect large amounts of data in the format you want.
We’ve designed Journeys to help you collect data from customers in a user-friendly way and save it against a lead in FLG CRM. This new feature gives you the flexibility to design journeys that suit your requirements, with as many fields as you need across single or multiple pages.
All this without having to write a single piece of code.

How do I create a journey?

The design and build of each journey is within any user’s reach. Through a simple and intuitive drag and drop interface, anyone can set up a journey in seconds – no coding skills required.
With a range of formatting options, including tables, date and time fields, drop-down fields, radio buttons and checkboxes, users with access to Journeys have the freedom to easily create the customer journey forms they need for any purpose.
You can create individual journeys for all or specific lead groups, and any journeys made available to a lead group can be run or viewed from each lead summary in FLG CRM, giving you complete flexibility and control over the information your users collect from your customers.


Collect large amounts of data in the format you want.

What’s the typical use case for Journeys?

FLG users have already embraced this new feature, with it being created for: mortgage applications, loan applications, expenditure assessments, insurance quotes, and even recording details of pending house moves.

Additionally, your customers will soon be able to complete digital versions of themselves at their convenience. These can be completed in a single session or they can be revisited over time, and a full PDF can be exported and sent back to them if required.

What else can I do with Journeys?

  • Integrate it with your workflows and lead actions to automate their use and embed them into your processes.
  • Retrieve compliance and audit data for lead actions in Journeys from the general FLG activity stream and audit log.
  • Export to PDF and print off to see details of every submission.
  • Merge core information captured in a journey into variable fields within templates for emails, SMS and letters.


What’s next for Journeys?

We’ve got lots more feature ideas that we’re working on, including conditional page routing to make journeys personal to the end customer, in-page calculations, and accessing the data via webhook.

Please keep your suggestions coming via our product feedback page!

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