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Our journey so far

In 2004, our founder John Jackson sold his first internet services business to the Ambient Group Plc subsidiary Touch NW, and promptly joined them as Business Development Manager. After leaving a few years later, John realised that the technology he’d built to run that business was a product in its own right, and thus FLG was created in 2007 as an independent CRM platform focused on automated workflows.

After spending 13 years growing the business, in September 2020 John left his role as Managing Director and the business was acquired by ClearCourse. Our Onboarding, Support, Product Development and Marketing teams are split between FLG's headquarters in Padiham (just outside Burnley) and an office in Manchester City Centre.

The ClearCourse Group

FLG Business Technology is now a trading name of ClearCourse Business Services Limited, part of the ClearCourse group. ClearCourse companies provide innovative, integrated software solutions that grow with your business, adding essential functionality that helps you achieve your goals. By working with a ClearCourse company you benefit from a technology partner with a deep understanding of your organisational challenges, the security that comes from private equity backing and the collective years of experience across the group.

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Made in-house, in the UK

FLG is designed, developed, documented and supported in the UK. We believe that to deliver the best possible platform and professional services to our customers, we need to keep everything in-house with no outsourcing of any services or software development. This mentality allows us to develop new industry-leading features quickly whilst being responsive to our customers' needs as they grow with us.

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