Made in-house, in the UK

Every FLG product is designed, developed, documented and supported directly from the UK. We believe that to deliver the best possible products and professional services to our customers that we need to keep everything in-house - with no outsourcing of any services or software development. This mentality allows us to develop industry-leading products quickly whilst being responsive to our customers needs as they grow with us.

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The Leadership Team

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John Jackson, Managing Director

In 2004, John Jackson sold his first internet services business to the Ambient Group Plc subsidiary Touch NW, and promptly joined them as Business Development Manager. After leaving a few years later, John realised that the technology he’d built to run that business was a product in its own right, and thus FLG was created as an independent lead management solution. Since then, John has led the ongoing development of the product and is today responsible for the overall corporate strategic vision and product direction.

Andy Chadbourne, Commercial Director

With over 15 years experience in senior commercial roles, Andy joined the FLG business in early 2018 to define and implement the overall sales and marketing strategy and position the business for significant growth. Prior to joining FLG, Andy held a long-term Board-level position in a large multinational corporation, responsible for global marketing and product management, together with non-Exec positions in 2 start-ups businesses.

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