Businesses often use disparate systems and software packages to manage various processes, from lead management and marketing campaigns to accounting and everything in between. Additionally, more and more businesses are purchasing high-quality leads from lead generation companies. 

Having a platform in place that can integrate with different lead sources and various systems across your business can be a huge boost to your company’s overall efficiency and effectiveness.


Here’s how FLG’s robust CRM integration functionality helps you streamline your business:

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Receive leads directly from your lead providers

Any leads you purchase need to be processed quickly and efficiently. FLG helps you get them into the platform seamlessly and instantly by integrating out of the box with some of the UK’s top lead providers.

Plus, we’re adding more providers all the time to give you instant access to quality, relevant leads. As soon as a lead is accepted, it can be processed automatically and allocated to a user to be followed up.

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Use alongside your dialler

If you use a dialler for outbound calls, FLG lets you create a seamless, integrated experience for your users. It sends inbound leads directly to your dialler queue and can screen-pop active call details once a call is connected.

Your team’s ability to quickly access lead details and make contact can massively improve their productivity levels, allowing them to handle a higher volume of leads within their working day.

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Connect with many popular apps and services

Seamlessly connect with 3,000+ of the web’s best tools and automate workflows between them using our Zapier integration. Whether it’s Dropbox, Google apps, Slack or Twitter, let the power of Zapier make you and your team happier by integrating your apps and automating tedious tasks.

Or you can always link your external systems with FLG via our API or powerful webhooks if you prefer.

With the ability to share data between disparate systems with ease, users can access up-do-date information exactly when they need it.

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Create essential connections between your software, processes, and partners

Zapier integration

We’ve built our very own Zapier integration that allows you to connect FLG with 3,000+ of the web’s most popular apps and move data between them automatically. By allowing Zapier to take care of your time-consuming, repetitive tasks, you and your team will have much more time to focus on your most important work.

Zapier integration with GetFLG


Tight integrations with modern telephony systems

Our Voice feature offers integrations with some of the best telephony services available, including Aircall and CircleLoop, to provide call matching, click-to-call, screen-pop, and call notes and recordings. All the functionality you need to keep your call records compliant and up-to-date.

aircall integration with GetFLG


CircleLoop integration with GetFLG


Easily create and connect your web contact forms

With just a few clicks, create contact forms that can be placed on your website by simply copying and pasting some HTML code. These forms can be used to capture essential lead information such as name, email and phone number, and to populate data in any other custom field in FLG. All information collected is automatically updated in the platform.


Receive leads via email

If you receive leads from lead providers via email, FLG can extract the relevant data and immediately convert them into new leads in the platform. Then, just like any other lead, they’re ready to be processed automatically and allocated to a user to be followed up.

Capture leads by SMS short code

Short codes (e.g. text DEMO to 80011) are a simple way for new customers to request information about your products or services. When a new message is received, a lead is created in FLG which can trigger an automated process to gather more details.

Additional benefits

  • Extend FLG with webhooks and custom plugins
  • Send leads to external partners via email or their API
  • API to create, update or delete leads
  • Validate phone numbers and reject invalid leads (requires a third-party service)

With the ability to integrate with many different apps and software systems, FLG can help unify your data and streamline the different processes across your business.

What you get with FLG

The complete CRM platform


Customer contact

Engage with leads and create personal connections that win their trust by holding conversations in their preferred channel. Learn more


Powerful CRM

At the heart of FLG is a powerful CRM built for speed and scale with a single user view of upcoming activities, customer communications, and details of allocated leads. Learn more


Intelligent workflows

Keep costs down and maximise productivity using powerful tools that automate contact around appointments and events. Learn more



Connect your software, processes and partners by receiving leads directly from lead providers, integrating with your dialler, and sharing data with other apps and services. Learn more


Marketing automation

FLG comes complete with a range of multi-channel marketing features to connect with leads and drive engagement from one single place. Learn more


Reporting & analytics

Gain a deeper understanding of your business and learn how to improve it with an integrated custom report builder that gives you a 360° view of your sales process. Learn more