At the heart of FLG is a powerful, easy-to-use, CRM system that has been built for speed and scale.

It’s designed to hold all your lead and customer details, and handle and record every single interaction with them, all in one place.


FLG’s CRM provides a number of ways to help users assist your customers:

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A single user view with all tasks, emails and SMS messages

With FLG, each user has their own dashboard - a single, prioritised view of all outstanding tasks, upcoming activities, email replies and inbound SMS messages associated to their allocated leads. It helps users stay focused and allows them to quickly move on to their next action.

Users can filter their dashboard to show activities by date, upcoming tasks or previous activities. And, where permission allows, users can view the dashboard of other users within the account.

A full audit trail of every activity

Accountability and being able to track what activity has taken place with a lead can provide tremendous insight into productivity, performance and how successful different interactions with a potential customer are.

FLG provides an immediate view of the interactions users have with leads. This allows you to see what has been discussed and when, the communication channel used, what automated actions have been triggered, and which users have been involved in assisting a lead.

This increased visibility can also help users to tailor their approach to leads and improve the quality of service they provide on a case-by-case basis.

Additionally, our Concierge customers benefit from detailed user logging of every activity within the system - a powerful tool for understanding how individuals have used the system should it be required.

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Push leads to users or allow them to pick-up when they’re ready

To be successful in converting new leads into sales, you need to make sure that they’re dealt with quickly by your teams or individual users. FLG allows you to push leads to your users based on predefined rules (such as speciality or region), or you can allow users to pick-up leads when they have capacity.

This mechanism helps to ensure you deal with the most valuable leads as soon as possible and prioritise them effectively. It also creates a pool of colder leads for users to pick up when they have the time.

A powerful CRM built for speed and scale

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Tools for your team leaders

Monitoring activity and being able to adapt to changing circumstances, such as employee absences, can help you to maintain a steady flow of work across your sales team. It also ensures leads are not left waiting for someone to contact them.

FLG allows managers to monitor activity in real time and redistribute tasks to other members of the team when users are unavailable.

Conditional lead routing

FLG is the ideal platform to handle leads that need to be distributed among different teams, users, or even referred to external partners, so that leads can be routed to the most suitable user to follow them up.

The conditions by which you route leads are determined by you, whether they be by user availability, best-performing user, dedicated team, highest bidding partner or lead location, for example.

Taking lead location as an example, you can associate teams, users or partners with postcodes so that appropriate leads can be automatically routed to them based on the lead address details.

Bulk imports and updates

Bulk uploads and updating leads can be time consuming and distract your team members from more important work. FLG allows users to upload leads directly from spreadsheets, which can be processed while they focus on other tasks. Leads can also be exported to a spreadsheet, edited, then reuploaded to update large numbers of leads at the same time.

Additional benefits

  • Integrated calendar and event booking
  • Fast and simple and user interface
  • Advanced deduplication features
  • Automatically link leads with the same contact details

Your CRM system should be easy-to-use, efficient and meet the needs of your business. FLG is a simple platform that can streamline your sales processes and be scaled to suit your all of your growing lead management requirements.

What you get

The 6-in-1 platform for complete customer engagement


Customer contact

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Powerful CRM

At the heart of FLG is a powerful CRM built for speed and scale with a single user view of upcoming customer activities, customer communications, and all the details of allocated leads. Learn more


Intelligent workflows

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Reporting & analytics

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