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Have you ever spent time going back and forth with a customer or prospect to find a convenient time for a call or meeting? Worse still, perhaps you've opened your calendar to find a clash or even missed an appointment because you're managing them in two places.

If this sounds familiar, then our brand new feature, Appointments, is just for you.

What is Appointments?

Scheduling a call, meeting or site survey with a customer or prospect is an everyday occurrence. However straightforward it seems, arranging an appointment is all too often more complicated that it should be; it can add friction, take up too much time and it’s not joined up with field-based staff and teams.
Appointments simplifies and speeds up the process of scheduling a call or meeting with a customer or prospect by checking your availability in your external calendar and letting you pick a time that suits without having to leave FLG CRM.

How does it work?

A new appointment can be made directly from the lead summary in FLG CRM, either for the user setting the appointment, or on behalf of any other platform user in the organisation with a connected calendar.

Appointments checks availability in users’ external Google or Microsoft Office 365 calendars and lets them select a time without ever leaving FLG CRM . It then puts the appointment in the assigned user’s external calendar and keeps the lead summary in FLG CRM updated with any changes made, so you can rest assured that everything stays in perfect sync.



The days of manually duplicating appointments in multiple calendars are gone!

The days of manually duplicating appointments in multiple calendars are gone – everything will be up-to-date in one place so users can focus on their upcoming appointments rather than administering them!

This is a particularly beneficial feature for field-based staff; if they need to change appointments made on their behalf by office-based staff, they can quickly move them around in their phone’s calendar and FLG will be automatically updated.

What else can I do with Appointments?

  • Integrate Appointments with your workflows and lead actions to automate their use and embed them into your processes.
  • See appointment details in the lead activity stream and the audit log, ensuring clear visibility of your commitments and compliance.
  • Set the minimum scheduling notice you require before meetings can be booked on your behalf.
  • Set a buffer time between appointments to wrap up previous meetings and allow time for travel and preparation.
  • Select start intervals to choose the frequency of available time slots.

What’s next for Appointments?

We’ve got lots more feature ideas that we’re working on, including:

  • availability periods to match work hours, shift patterns or rotas
  • using appointment data to populate customer communication templates
  • more automation with Appointments-based event triggers
  • team or group appointment availability
  • allowing customers or prospects to make their own appointments.

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