From the moment a lead is received, you have an opportunity to create a personal connection with them and gain their trust.

Engaging with leads immediately and keeping them informed throughout your sales process allows you to build and nurture a relationship that can turn a lead into a customer. 

With FLG’s automated customer contact, you can ensure no lead is ever missed, streamline your process and keep your potential customers in the loop every step of the way.



Discover how FLG helps you build customer relationships:

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Hold conversations with customers through multiple channels

Engage with potential customers across different channels and allow them to contact your business on their terms by giving them choice and flexibility in terms of when and how they communicate with you.

Make contact via email, SMS, phone or postal mail directly from the FLG platform, and use automation to ensure leads receive an instant and effective response, even outside office hours.

An automatic response quickly reassures leads that their enquiry has been received, outlines next steps and can even request more details before they're allocating to a user, ready to be followed up.

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GDPR compliance built in

Access to masses of customer data can naturally be a concern for businesses, especially when you want to stay on the right side of GDPR and other data protection laws.

FLG keeps track of your customers’ permission to contact them. If they withdraw their consent, you can easily record it and users will be steered towards their preferred contact method.

What’s more, our platform and database servers are hosted in secure ISO 27001 certified data centres in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, giving you further peace of mind by ensuring the highest standards of information security.

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Alert users instantly of opens, clicks, failures and replies

Prompt users to take action when leads engage with emails, such as when they’re opened, read or replied to, and send them an immediate alert if an email or SMS fails to send.

This allows users to focus their efforts on engaged leads that are more likely to convert, while FLG automatically nurtures non-responsive leads in the background.

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Create personal connections with customers and win their trust

Save time and maintain consistency with templates

While personal communication with leads is important to build relationships, crafting individual responses for every interaction is time-consuming and counter-productive.

FLG allows you to create fully customisable HTML email and SMS templates which can be personalised, ensuring that users are consistently communicating the right message to your customers.

Integrate with dialler and telephony services

Give users access to convenient features such as screen-pop, instant call-to-lead matching, automatic call notes and recordings, and click-to-call through our tight integrations with a range of popular diallers and telephony services, including Aircall and CircleLoop.

Meet compliance requirements and deliver excellent customer service with quick and easy access to call notes and recordings that are automatically saved against each lead record.

Record common call outcomes with just one click

When processing a high volume of leads over the phone, it’s important that users don’t waste too much time summarising the details of each interaction before they move on to the next call. 

Define the most common call outcomes for your business in FLG so users can simply wrap up with a single click and drive more leads through your sales process.

Additional benefits

  • Automatically request further details from leads via an online form
  • Collect documents using our secure document upload feature
  • Easily schedule a call or meeting with our Appointments feature
  • Collect large amounts of data in the format your want with Journeys
  • Forward emails from any email client into FLG using our dropbox

It’s important to be able to communicate with your leads through a variety of channels. FLG provides a robust platform that allows you to effectively manage and automate all of your customer contact in one single place.


What you get with FLG

The complete CRM platform


Customer contact

Engage with leads and create personal connections that win their trust by holding conversations in their preferred channel. Learn more


Powerful CRM

At the heart of FLG is a powerful CRM built for speed and scale with a single user view of upcoming activities, customer communications, and details of allocated leads. Learn more


Intelligent workflows

Keep costs down and maximise productivity using powerful tools that automate contact around appointments and events. Learn more



Connect your software, processes and partners by receiving leads directly from lead providers, integrating with your dialler, and sharing data with other apps and services. Learn more


Marketing automation

FLG comes complete with a range of multi-channel marketing features to connect with leads and drive engagement from one single place. Learn more


Reporting & analytics

Gain a deeper understanding of your business and learn how to improve it with an integrated custom report builder that gives you a 360° view of your sales process. Learn more