FLG is a popular CRM platform for businesses that want to refer leads to their partners.

We provide partner lead management tools to help lead generators that sell leads on to their clients (including Offices.co.uk, Professional Leads and Watts Marketing), as well as businesses that send leads to and/or receive leads from partners by way of referrals – all of whom rely on FLG for seamless and secure lead transfers in real time.


Discover how FLG can help you sell leads to your partners:

Capture leads from different sources and track where they come from

Gather all your leads from the web, email, phone and referrals in one single place - they’ll automatically land in your account in real time, ready to be followed up.

If you purchase leads from a lead generator or you receive referrals from partners, you can give them access to an introducer portal where they can monitor the progress of leads they refer to you.

Having all your leads together and being able to see where they come from means you can track them as they move through your process to identify the best sources and focus resources on those areas.

Match every lead to the perfect buyer

Set up partner accounts in FLG and define the leads they want to buy from you based on lead type, such as financial services or insurance leads, and the desired location split by postcode area.

Choose your distribution rules and manage partners’ selection priority to refer leads automatically according to your preferences. For example, you might wish to give your highest paying partners a higher proportion of leads.

Self-service portals that help partners help themselves

Let partners access a portal to view the leads you refer to them, update their statuses, and access reports. Require partners to access leads upon referral and accept them before they receive full details.

They can also view a statement of transactions, manage their account balance by self-funding via PayPal, and pause the delivery of leads. Enable the returns feature to allow refund requests.

The introducer portal allows partners that sell leads to you to monitor their progress and track how much they’re owed.

Lear more about the self-service partner portal

Lead management tools for you and your partners

Supports delivery via hotkey transfer, email or API

Easily send leads directly to partners in real time via several different delivery methods, including hotkey transfer, email, or an external API. You can even schedule an appointment on your partner’s behalf before referring or selling a lead on to them.

Deliver leads on your partners’ terms

Control the quantity of leads your partners receive by setting up a daily or monthly limit, or remove it if they want to receive as many leads as possible.

Let your partners decide when they want to receive leads and define their delivery schedule. They can choose to receive leads 24 hours a day, seven days a week if they wish, or at specified times on set days of the week, for example from 9am to 5pm from Monday to Friday.

Flexible billing options

Each lead type can have its own associated costs at different billing points. Select your preferences to charge clients for leads when they accept, qualify or convert them, or at all three stages if you wish.

Define the amount charged for different lead types, or charge different partners varied amounts. You can even refer leads to multiple partners and charge each one, with the option to vary the price.

Set a credit limit so partners don’t have to pay for leads upfront, or require them to pre-pay funds into their account. Keep a statement of transactions and stop delivering leads when their credit limit or account balance is running low.

Additional benefits

  • Fully self-service new buyer sign-up via a web form
  • Partner SMS alerts for new lead and account balance notifications

If your business relies on exchanging valuable lead data with your partners, you need a secure platform you can rely on to help you seamlessly transfer leads to the correct partners, every time. 

What you get with FLG

The complete CRM platform


Customer contact

Engage with leads and create personal connections that win their trust by holding conversations in their preferred channel. Learn more


Powerful CRM

At the heart of FLG is a powerful CRM built for speed and scale with a single user view of upcoming activities, customer communications, and details of allocated leads. Learn more


Intelligent workflows

Keep costs down and maximise productivity using powerful tools that automate contact around appointments and events. Learn more



Connect your software, processes and partners by receiving leads directly from lead providers, integrating with your dialler, and sharing data with other apps and services. Learn more


Marketing automation

FLG comes complete with a range of multi-channel marketing features to connect with leads and drive engagement from one single place. Learn more


Reporting & analytics

Gain a deeper understanding of your business and learn how to improve it with an integrated custom report builder that gives you a 360° view of your sales process. Learn more