When a potential customer engages with your business, each step of your sales process must first be followed before you can complete a sale.

In busy sales and contact centre environments, where following up leads can’t always be done immediately by a member of your team, FLG’s intelligent workflows are extremely powerful ‘sales assistants’ that are able to immediately follow-up, prompt and nurture customer leads.

That way, sales can progress automatically in the background until users are available to contact leads, without compromising on customer service.


FLG has built-in intelligent workflows that can:

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Automate contact around appointments and events

Handling specific events efficiently and on time is hugely important to ensuring that leads move through to sales.

Whether your next point of contact with a customer is a phone call or arranging a face-to-face meeting, FLG uses powerful automation to help users arrange contact around these appointments through tools such as reminders and integrations with calendars and other third party applications.

Additionally, our new ‘Appointments’ feature now allows users to connect and share their Google or Office 365 calendar directly, allowing colleagues and even the customer to book events in the diary.

Create personalised follow-up sequences

In order to progress leads through your sales process effectively, it’s imperative that you get the right message out at the right time in the customer journey.

FLG’s intelligent workflows can schedule and send personalised customer emails, SMS messages, letters, and even arrange phone calls to ensure communication happens automatically and consistently throughout the entire sales process.

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Use interactive call scripts to guide your users’ calls

Interactive call scripts allow your users to follow multi-step forms which use conditional logic to prompt them to collect information based on the responses they gather during a call.

This can help to guide users through a call and ensure they obtain the required data, as well as helping to steer them through a conversation in a way that provides the most consistent and effective customer service.

The simple step-by-step call guides allow new users to quickly feel at ease when following them, which could reduce training time and save you money.

Keep costs down and maximise productivity using powerful automation tools

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Automatically onboard new customers

When a customer says ‘yes’, there’s often more to be done before the sale is complete. FLG helps you to automate and standardise the activities around this such as document collection and compliance checks, keeping the customer informed along the way with automated confirmation messages.

For example, a lead might be prompted to access an online form through an email requesting information and supporting documentation. Once the form has been completed and the documents successfully submitted, FLG is automatically updated and a confirmation message can be sent to confirm safe receipt.

Chase down unresponsive customers

Without a system in place to help you manage your leads, unresponsive customers are often abandoned and money is left on the table as valuable opportunities are lost.

FLG tracks unresponsive leads and triggers automated workflows to gently nurture them in the background until they’re ready to buy.

This allows users to focus their attention on opportunities with a higher chance of converting, safe in the knowledge that dormant leads are being taken care of.

Create workflows that trigger based on changes in status

Because FLG is event driven, you can choose to trigger actions, or even start a whole new automated workflow, each time a lead’s status changes.

For example, when a lead completes an application form, FLG could trigger a verification workflow where the user is prompted to call and clarify certain details or supporting documents are requested before the application is forwarded on for review.

Additional benefits

  • Acknowledge new leads with auto-replies, outlining the next steps
  • Remind users to follow up on tasks by SMS
  • Trigger workflows when customers click on links in emails

Intelligent workflows can streamline the way you manage your leads. From faster contact to improved customer service, FLG utilises powerful automation tools to boost efficiency and improve customer engagement throughout your lead management process.

What you get

The 6-in-1 platform for complete customer engagement


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Powerful CRM

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Intelligent workflows

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Marketing automation

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Reporting & analytics

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