Being able to reach your customers with fast, targeted and effective marketing is crucial for the growth of your business, to encourage new customers to purchase your products and services and repeat business from your existing customers.

FLG can help you reach your customers through different communication channels with automated marketing, including email, SMS and postal mail. This process can be a huge boost to ensure efficiency and accuracy throughout your marketing activities, making sure that your communications reach every lead.


FLG simplifies and streamlines your marketing activity, helping you to:

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Reach your entire lead list via email, SMS or postal mail

Contact your leads and customers in a quick and convenient way, with all of your emails, SMS and postal marketing campaigns sent from one single platform - ensuring you have a clear view of all lead communication in the same place.

Leads can be segmented into marketing lists by their postcode, product interest, sales stage, renewal date, and more. Personalised messages using templates can then be sent to groups though bulk marketing.

FLG uses premium, enterprise grade delivery routes to ensure that your email and SMS messages arrive at their destination, quickly and reliably.

Track every email open & click, and drive actions based on events

It’s important to have visibility on how effectively your marketing campaigns are performing. With FLG, users can track every email that a lead opens or clicks and receive a report on emails that fail to deliver. This helps users to accurately monitor the communications that leads have received and engaged with to determine the best way to follow them up.

Different events, such as opening an email or a delivery failure, can also be set to trigger automated actions using intelligent workflows. That action could be, for example, to update a lead status which in turn could trigger a whole new workflow.

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Automatically allocate email & SMS replies to the best user or team

When it comes to converting leads into sales, it’s important that your sales team are positioned to react quickly and effectively. If you don’t have a system in place that can automatically monitor your campaign replies, then they’re at risk of sitting unread in an inbox until somebody is available to process them.

With FLG, whenever a lead shows an interest in one of your campaigns, a notification can be sent to the entire team, a manager, the user that sent the original email or a specific user that is best suited to follow it up. This ensures that the lead’s interest isn’t ignored and potentially lucrative opportunities aren’t overlooked.

Taking this approach can help you to offer a higher level of service - it ensures potential customers get the best advice and support in order to increase the likelihood of the lead converting into business.

Multi-channel marketing to connect with leads and drive engagement

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Personalise every communication

To ensure optimal engagement and make every customer feel valued, you can merge almost any field from FLG into your communications for a deep level of personalisation.

This could be something as simple as reiterating the type of product or service the customer showed interest in and tailoring your marketing to focus on this, confirming the details that were taken, or a whole lot more.

Communicate consistently across multiple brands

If your business has multiple brands, if for example you offer different services, creating consistency across each brand is crucial for making a lasting positive impression on your customers.

FLG automatically tracks which brand a lead has come through to and ensures that users keep brand continuity, sending the right communication for each brand throughout the customer journey.

Additional benefits

  • SMS is routed through quality, direct connections with UK mobile networks
  • Email costs are included in your FLG subscription
  • Create email templates and measure their effectiveness
  • GDPR compliant – prevents marketing to customers who haven’t given consent
  • No third-party email server needed, we take care of delivery

Reaching your potential customers through different channels is important for increasing your lead generation opportunities. FLG provides marketing automation based on powerful workflows, which can streamline how you reach your customers via email, SMS or postal mail.

What you get

The 6-in-1 platform for complete customer engagement


Customer contact

Engage with your customers and create personal connections that win their trust by holding conversations through their preferred channel. Learn more


Powerful CRM

At the heart of FLG is a powerful CRM built for speed and scale with a single user view of upcoming customer activities, customer communications, and all the details of allocated leads. Learn more


Intelligent workflows

Keep costs down and maximise productivity using powerful tools that automate contact around appointments and events. Learn more



Connect your software, processes and partners by receiving leads directly from lead providers, integrating with your dialler, and sharing data with over 100 apps and services. Learn more


Marketing automation

FLG comes complete with a range of multi-channel marketing features to connect with your customers and drive engagement from one single place. Learn more


Reporting & analytics

Gain a deeper understanding of your business and learn how to improve it with an integrated custom report builder that gives you a 360° view of your sales process. Learn more