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FLG’s powerful marketing automation feature uses workflows that instantly allocate email replies to the best user of team, ensuring that they’re always followed up as quickly as possible by the person best placed to assist them.

If you need a clever solution to ensure you allocate email and SMS marketing campaign replies are routed to the right people to be followed up as quickly as possible, here’s how you can achieve it:

Written by Lauren Shaw

Whenever a lead lands in FLG, it’s automatically assigned to the best person or team to follow it up based on lead distribution criteria defined by you.
That way, when you mass market to these leads via email and/or SMS, all replies are automatically sent to the users or teams that the leads are assigned to so they can respond immediately.
It may be that a user has been assigned a large volume of leads, and they want to focus on the ones that respond to a marketing campaign in the first instance. With FLG, all allocate email campaign replies appear on the user’s dashboard, so they know exactly what tasks require their attention in priority order.
This is a fairly unique feature – most other email clients can only send replies from a mass marketing campaign to a single user, which means they could be left sitting in an inbox before someone gets round to forwarding them on to the people best placed to follow them up.

Take a look at how it works:

But in order to ensure your email and SMS campaign replies are sent to the best user or team to follow them up,  you must first define how you’d like your leads to be assigned when you receive them. Your preferred lead distribution criteria can include things like:


User speciality

You may have team members that, formally or not, have built up a speciality within a particular area – for example, a knowledgeable agent in pet insurance and another in life insurance.

FLG can immediately assign leads to your specialists based on the details provided when you receive an enquiry. This maximises the chances of  your specialists being able to reduce sales cycle times and convert leads quicker.


Lead source

Every lead that enters your business can be tracked from its source, allowing you to establish rules that assign leads based on where they come from.

For example, you may have a partner that forwards specialist claims over, or perhaps you bring in leads from multiple websites with different sales messages.

Wherever they come from, FLG can use powerful marketing automation rules to ensure leads are directed to the best people to handle them.


Anticipated value

If you capture information early on that helps determine the overall value of a lead, leads can be assigned to different users or teams based on set thresholds. 

In addition, you can make sure that leads over a certain size are pushed to the front of the queue, or even automatically notify managers when they’re received.  

That way, you can ensure lucrative warm leads aren’t accidentally overlooked or ignored.


Postcode location

Perhaps you have sales representatives or partners located around the country, and you need to assign leads to them based on their specific location.

FLG allows you to define postcode areas (the first two letters of a postcode) or go into more detail allowing you to forward leads to a user with a specific town postcode, helping you to ensure that they consistently land with the right people to follow them up. 



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