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Customer contact

From the moment a lead is received, you have an opportunity to create a personal connection with them and gain their trust.

Engaging with leads immediately and keeping them informed throughout your sales process allows you to build and nurture a relationship that can turn a lead into a customer.

With FLG’s automated customer contact, you can ensure no lead is ever missed, streamline your process and keep your potential customers in the loop every step of the way.

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Powerful CRM Platform

FLG is a powerful, easy-to-use CRM platform focused on workflow to automate and control your processes. Designed to help you manage 100,000s of leads, it can automate the customer touchpoints in your sales process and record every single interaction with them, all in one single place.

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Intelligent workflows

When a potential customer engages with your business, their enquiry needs to be acknowledged right away in order to give it the best chance of progressing through your process and converting to a sale. But what if there’s nobody available to follow up immediately?

FLG’s intelligent workflows are extremely powerful ‘sales assistants’ that can follow up with leads on your team’s behalf, so sales can progress in the background until somebody is available to contact them, without compromising on customer service.

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Businesses often use disparate systems and software packages to manage various processes, from lead management and marketing campaigns to accounting and everything in between. Additionally, more and more businesses are purchasing high-quality leads from lead generation companies.

Having a CRM platform in place that can integrate with different lead sources and various systems across your business can be a huge boost to your company’s overall efficiency and effectiveness.

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Marketing automation

Being able to reach your customers with fast, targeted and effective marketing automation software is crucial for the growth of your business, to encourage new customers to purchase your products and services and repeat business from your existing customers.

The FLG CRM platform helps you reach your customers through different communication channels, using email marketing automation, SMS and postal mail templates. This can be a huge boost to ensure efficiency and accuracy throughout your marketing activities, so your communications reach the right leads at the right time.

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Reporting & analytics

Sometimes, it’s important for a business to take a step back, assess progress and look at how well its teams are performing.

Whether you want to analyse progress and performance, monitor efficiency and quality, or identify underperforming areas to adjust training or implement new workflows, whatever the requirement – our CRM platform analytics software makes it simple and convenient for you to access reports to get the insight you need.

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Partner features

FLG is a popular CRM platform for businesses that want to refer leads to their partners.

We provide partner lead management tools to help lead generators that sell leads on to their clients, as well as businesses that send leads to and/or receive leads from partners by way of referrals – all of whom rely on FLG for seamless and secure lead transfers in real time.

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