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When it comes to new leads, they're not all the same. Hot leads need to be prioritised immediately, whereas you might choose to leave the colder ones until it's more convenient for you to pick them up. But prioritising leads effectively can be challenging, especially when you're handling a large volume of them.

Here’s where FLG can help. Our platform lets you push the leads that are most important to you to your users right away, and allows them to pick up those that are less urgent when they have spare time.

Written by Lauren Shaw

Push leads to users

FLG allows you to automatically push new leads to users, which can be based on pre-defined rules such as lead value, user speciality or region. This means they can deal with new leads quickly and efficiently in order to maximise their chances of conversion.

The video below demonstrates how to set up push delivery to instantly assign new leads to users in a particular user group:

  • User groups can be set up with individual lead limits for users
  • Leads can be automatically assigned to users on a round-robin or sequential basis
  • Automation events allow you to prioritise new lead contact by tasking and notifying users.

Setting a monthly lead limit

Being able to set a daily or monthly lead limit for individual users could be useful, for example, to control the amount of leads a junior user receives compared to a senior user.


Allocate leads to users based on location

What’s more, you can specify geographic areas for users so that they only receive leads from those locations. Choose from postcode areas or districts, so leads are automatically set to be assigned to the right user based on their location. 

Assign leads to users by location with FLG


Allow users to pick up leads when they’re ready

Plus, there’s a unique feature that allows users to pull a random lead to work from a pool of colder or less urgent leads at the click of a button.

An administrator can set up user groups with unassigned leads for cold leads, renewals, up-sells, leads that are due a courtesy call or any other non time-sensitive matter. They simply define the status points for leads to be added to the pool of unassigned leads, ready to be followed up by users when they’re able to.

Then, users within the user group will see a button that allows them to pick up unassigned leads when they have some free time. All they need to do is click to pull a lead at random and it will be automatically assigned to them, ready to be worked.


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