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In today’s digital age, you can generate sales leads from a range of different channels. From website enquiry forms to social media chatbots, they can come from many different sources. But have you embraced the power of SMS?

In this article we look at how you can generate more sales leads by using SMS short codes.

SMS as a marketing tool

Mobile phones are a near-ubiquitous tool for communication, which makes SMS one of the most powerful marketing channels available. Thousands of UK businesses recognise the importance of SMS in managing the customer sales experience, and many are already using it for mass-marketing.

So if you’re yet to adopt SMS functionality as a marketing tool to generate leads for your business, you’re missing out on one of the most powerful communication channels available between you and your potential customers.

The power of ‘short codes’

A short code is a five digit number, unique to your business, that your potential customers can use to send you a direct text message. For example, your might promote ‘text QUOTE to 50123’ on a series of adverts. This concise information is a clear call-to-action that is easy for potential customers to remember or act on immediately.

There are many examples of how short codes might be used, such as to allow customers to request information about a product or service whenever they require it, but the simplicity that they afford to potential customers make them an excellent method for generating leads.


The simplicity that short codes afford to potential customers make them an excellent method for generating leads.

Short codes are easy to set up, and multiple keywords can be used to correspond to the types of requests that potential customers can make. For example, you could have multiple short codes in use depending on what the lead is for: “text CAR to 80011” for car insurance or “text HOUSE to 80011” for house insurance.

When a customer sends an SMS to a short code, they can be greeted with an automated response specific to their enquiry. For example, to acknowledge their request, present further information or simply to let them know when somebody will be in touch to deal with their enquiry.

This immediate SMS response creates a sense of urgency and helps to make potential customers feel valued, an important part of keeping the lead warm.

How can FLG help manage your business leads?

All our FLG packages allow you to send SMS text messages to your customers, and on our XL and Concierge levels you can easily add inbound SMS and short codes for a small monthly fee.

  • Try SMS messaging with 125 free messages included in our trial account
  • Instantly send outbound messages at the click of a button
  • View inbound replies to your SMS instantly in the account
  • Mass-market to your prospects using SMS with real-time merging with your fields
  • Use powerful workflows to automate your sales processes including sending out automated SMS messages to customers

Read-up on the benefits on how two-way communication via SMS can help your business.

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