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There’s a lot to be said for sales automation. Things don’t get forgotten. Your sales people can do things quicker, and more consistently. You satisfy the folks in compliance.

But whilst making your sales people happier is great, the simple truth is that it has to bring in more sales.

So where should you focus your efforts? Here’s a few ideas:

Automate the boring stuff and your sales people will spend more time SELLING

FLG Core, our sales lead automation platform, will thank a customer for their enquiry, decide who’s best to deal with it, tell the sales person to call, and remind them when they need to follow up.

In fact, there’s no such thing as a ‘dead’ lead with FLG. Every single lead is a potential deal and is never forgotten.

Make qualifying a prospect a pleasure, not a chore

It takes around 10 minutes* to set up a step-by-step qualifying process within FLG. You can tell your sales people what to say, and the sales person can record the customer’s answers. Then take action accordingly, you decide.

* An asterisk normally means “that isn’t quite true”, but in this case it is – there’s no programming involved! Call us and ask us to prove it.


With FLG, every single lead is a potential deal and is never forgotten.

Eliminate busy lines, dead numbers, answer phones and no answers. Use a dialler!

Maybe you’re reluctant to use a dialler for fear of killing the spirit of your sales people. But there’s an often overlooked third option between inefficient manual dial and soul crushing auto dial.

That’s ‘power hour’ dialling – just 1 hour of intense calling each day, freeing up the rest of the day for selling.

FLG can set you up with sales lead automation with a pay-as-you-go dialler that works with your existing phones. Because there’s no up-front investment, there’s no risk in trying this technique.

Create and send quotes with a couple of clicks

So it’s the end of the sales call and the customer wants a quote. Many of our customers used Word, sometimes Powerpoint, before discovering FLG. Copying and pasting details, writing a cover email.

They can now do the same work with literally 2, maybe 3 clicks, in 30 seconds. Either all within FLG (by email), or by teaming FLG up with quote building software.

For sales lead management software that does all this and more, take a look at the FLG platform.

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