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Managing your sales leads is a key part of the process to convert an enquiry into a customer and helps your sales team to understand which prospects to follow up and when.

This is where sales lead management software can help, allowing you and your team to manage potential customers effectively.

There are many advantages that this type of software can provide, which we outline below.

Providing efficient management

It’s important for call and contact centres to manage their leads efficiently. This can help salespeople use their time effectively, so they can spend more time providing great customer service. It can also help to reduce pressure, so staff feel less stressed during busier periods.

Without sales lead management software in place, however, managing, reporting and monitoring can take longer than necessary. It might also cause issues such as cold leads being sent to your sales teams, which wastes staff time and causes that customer to disengage.

Manual tracking can also get fairly confusing over time, especially as more enquiries are followed up and contacted. There’s a risk that some information could become muddled, lost, forgotten, or even not tracked at all. This could be the case during extremely busy periods where staff might feel overworked.


Lead management software can automate a great deal of the tracking process, helping to provide clarity, consistency and accuracy. This can make it much easier to see relevant information when following up an enquiry which might then develop into a sale.

Identifying leads going cold

It’s important for you to keep on top of your leads and ensure they’re nurtured properly. You should aim to focus your efforts on prospects that seem to be especially engaged with the product or service that you’re selling.

If you’re handling your lead management manually, leads going cold can be more difficult to spot. You also might focus on a handful of customers who seem particularly receptive to what you’re selling – needing just a little more encouragement before they convert. In doing so, though, you might risk neglecting others, perhaps without even realising it.

It’s true that focusing on warmer leads is important, but letting leads go cold can mean you miss out on future opportunities. Dedicated software lets you track engagement and highlight when someone is becoming disengaged, so your staff can take action quickly.

Focusing on your aims

Sales lead management software can also be really useful in helping staff to focus on strong prospects that could become quick wins. This can help your team to meet your sales targets.

If your team have a large list of potential customers to contact, a lack of lead management software could make it more difficult for them to prioritise those opportunities that are more likely to convert. With software in place, however, you could rate leads based on their strongest sales potential. This will allow salespeople to focus their attention in areas where they have the best chance of converting.

In turn, this can help your team to not just complete more successful sales, but also achieve quick wins and meet sales targets faster.

How FLG can help your business with sales lead management

Having effective sales lead management software has many advantages, from understanding where a prospect is in your sales process, to helping your teams focus and meet their sales targets.

When using lead management tools, it’s important to choose those that are right for you and can help your staff work as efficiently and effectively as possible.

This is where FLG can help. We provide a family of robust tools that can:

  • Efficiently process your leads to help your staff follow up and achieve more sales
  • Integrate with other software platforms, including MailChimp and Campaign Monitor
  • Use powerful workflows to automate your sales processes

If you’re interested in learning more about FLG’s software, please take a look at our Marketing Automation page. Alternatively, to arrange a free 7-day trial of our software, visit our sign up page.

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