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Whenever a lead engages with an email you send them or responds to an SMS, you’ll want to follow up straight away to keep them warm and progress the lead towards a sale. In order to do this effectively, you need to know what information they’ve engaged with and be made aware immediately. Similarly, if you send an email or an SMS and it fails, you need to know so you can take appropriate action.

FLG helps you prompt users to take action when leads engage with your emails or respond to SMS messages, allowing them to focus their efforts on engaged leads that are more likely to convert. It can also send them an immediate alert if an email or SMS fails to send.

Written by Lauren Shaw

See how email tracking works

Here’s a quick video that demonstrates each step of the following scenario:

  • A user sends a lead an email
  • The email status is updated to ‘delivered’, and then ‘opened’ when the lead views it
  • The lead clicks on a link in the email and the status is updated to ‘clicked’
  • This trigger automatically sets a task for the user to follow up on the interest expressed when the user clicked the link 
  • The lead responds to the email and the reply is shown in the lead timeline.

Email events

FLG can track email opens, clicks, replies, unsubscribes, spam reports, and hard bounce failures. What’s more, you can set up actions to take place, such as tasking a user to give the lead a call, which can be triggered whenever these events take place.

Setting up an FLG user alert to show email clicked

To make email events even more useful, you can apply conditions to filter them: 

  • Email subject – filter all email events by subject of the sent email
  • Email link ID – filter clicked emails by links that have an ID attribute set
  • Email link URL – filter clicked emails that contain a particular URL.

FLG email event conditions


Getting value from email events

Here are some ideas on ways to use the email events functionality:

  • Pre-qualify leads by warming them up via email and initiate personal contact when recipients interact with emails by tasking a user to call them when an email is clicked or replied to. 
  • Send a sequence of further emails when a recipient clicks on a link by triggering a workflow when an ’email clicked’ event takes place. 
  • Automatically update the lead status to indicate quality (e.g. cold, warm, hot) by adding change status actions to ’email clicked’ or ’email replied’ events.
  • Use conditions to change the lead status depending on the current one, for example if ‘warm’ and clicked, update to ‘hot’, or if pricing information is clicked, change to ‘hot’ straight away.


SMS alerts

Alert your users whenever a lead replies to an SMS so they can respond appropriately and take the next course of action. You can also notify a user if an SMS fails to send, so they can check the telephone number and ensure the message reaches the intended recipient.

Setting up a user alert in FLG for SMS replies


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