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Investing in your business requires careful thought and planning. You need to make sure that wherever you invest will generate the returns you need.

Lead management software is one option for businesses to consider as an area of investment, but can it deliver ROI?

Increase active leads

You want whatever you invest in to start generating a positive impact on your business. Lead management software is intended to help your business to manage the flow of new leads as effectively as possible.

Through automated processes and effective management, your software can help increase the number of leads your business is actively dealing with. In turn, this helps generate increased sales for your business.

Using automation can help you to respond to leads sooner and start the sales process for a much higher volume of leads than your sales team could do manually. Throughout the entire process your lead management software can be communicating with customers, gathering the information necessary for your staff to help progress sales.

Help to identify lucrative leads

By gathering information from customers, lead management software can help you to prequalify a lead and work out its potential value. This means your team can prioritise the leads that have the largest commercial benefit to your business.

This can provide an immediate boost to the quality of leads you convert into sales, which, in turn, could boost your revenue. Looking at leads in this way could change the way your business operates. Previously, you might have tackled leads on a ‘first-in’ basis, as opposed to looking at which leads should be a priority from a business perspective, based on their potential value.

Focusing on converting higher value leads as a priority can help you to boost revenue and see a return on your investment much more quickly.


Using automation can help you to respond to leads sooner, start the sales process for a much higher volume of leads and prequalify them for better conversion.

Aid conversion

The right software can help you to improve the quality of service you provide when dealing with leads. As a result, this can help improve the chances of those leads converting into sales & deliver ROI.

By utilising automation, your business can streamline the way it handles leads, from prioritising valuable opportunities, to providing initial contact with a customer and gathering data. This allows your sales teams to have the information they need at their fingertips. It also allows them to get straight into providing the support your potential customers need, which should encourage them to convert & deliver ROI.

Using a lead management system also allows you to process enquiries at a much higher volume. With a lot of the upfront interaction and data gathering being completed automatically, initial contact with a lead can be managed by the system while your sales teams focus on providing an effective service.

This higher volume, as we’ve already highlighted, helps increase the number of active leads your business is engaging with. This, coupled with the ability to profile leads based on potential value, can help your business to identify lucrative opportunities much more quickly. Increasing the conversion of leads into sales can provide a significant boost to your revenue.

Supporting your business’ lead generation

Investing in the right software can put the processes in place to massively improve your ability to generate and convert leads.

From a boost in revenue via better conversion to improving the overall quality of the service you provide to customers, there are a number of points where this software can deliver ROI for your business.

This is where FLG can help. We provide a family of robust lead management tools that can:

  • Efficiently process your leads to help follow up and achieve more sales
  • Integrate with other software platforms, including MailChimp and Campaign Monitor
  • Use powerful workflows to automate your sales processes

If you’re interested in learning more about how FLG can help your business, please take a look at our platform features.

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