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Chatbots can help you capture more sales leads across multiple channels including your website, inbound SMS messages and Facebook Messenger. A chatbot will allow you constantly engage with your customers around the clock with consistent communication, increasing the opportunities to generate new sales leads for your business.

More and more organisations are choosing to interact with their customers via a chatbot before handing over to a human to follow up a lead, allowing them to engage with new customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Creating a chatbot with Flow XO is simple, with zero coding skills required. Read on to discover how you can create a chatbot to help you capture more sales leads for your business.


Initial conversation with an automated chatbot

By listening for key words, a chatbot can provide a friendly and consistent level of customer service by having an automated conversation with customers to welcome new visitors, provide information and let them know the next steps.


Capture data

Instead of having your customers complete a long list of questions in an off-putting webform to submit their enquiry, a chatbot can take a more natural and engaging approach to gather this information. By asking a series of simple questions, one at a time, it can validate the answers and determine subsequent questions it needs to ask based on previous answers.


By listening for key words, a chatbot can provide a friendly and consistent level of customer service by having an automated conversation with customers.

Pre-filter leads

When a new lead comes in to your business, you can reduce the amount of human effort required by allowing a chatbot to clarify and pre-filter customer data while they are on your website. This means that the quality of your leads coming in will be much higher and your agents can focus their efforts on converting them.


Switch between a chatbot and live chat with an agent

During office hours, you can choose to make live chat an option for times when a chatbot isn’t able to progress the conversation and the customer needs to speak to a human. The conversation can simply be handed over to live chat and the agent has full visibility of the entire conversation.

Once the agent has concluded the live chat, the conversation can be switched back to the chatbot to gather final information or request feedback and conclude the conversation.


Run automated workflows with Flow XO for Workflow

At any point during the automated conversation, a workflow can be activated to perform a variety of tasks related to the conversation. This helps leads to progress naturally without relying on human input to quickly process leads.


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