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Businesses, regardless of their size, need leads and enquiries to drive their continued growth.

This is the same across different sectors and industries. However, small insurance businesses might not necessarily think that they need to put steps in place to manage the quantity of leads they generate.

Companies in fast-moving sectors, such as financial, claims or insurance, should always have some sort of system in place to help them maximise their potential to convert leads into sales. The insurance sector, for example, is highly competitive, with customers sending multiple enquiries to competing brands. Sales lead management can help businesses to stand out over their rivals in a number of ways.

Consistent information gathering

Customers getting in touch about a quote, or making enquiries about a claim, will often need to provide varying degrees of information. This might include:

  • Details of the nature of their claim
  • Description of their injuries
  • Their accounts of events
  • Details of their policy with a current insurance provider
  • Details that would help provide a quote

This is all key information that should be recorded. A business’s initial enquiry form or lead generation could gather basic information or at least a summary, which can then be built on when further contact is made with a lead.

Gathering this information allows a business to see which enquiries or claims should be viewed as a priority, such as because of their value or the nature of an individual claim. For example, a company might prioritise personal injury claims because they can have larger compensation payouts associated with them.

Having a consistent approach to this type of information allows an insurance business to record and utilise it more effectively. This can give a business an advantage in terms of speeding up the time it takes to suggest a product or process a claim.

Organising teams

Lead management allows small insurance businesses to filter leads and enquiries based on different criteria. Insurance businesses might provide products that cover different needs, such as life or car insurance, or home and contents cover.


If a business team knows what each lead is interested in before they speak to one of their salespeople, they can be assigned to staff members with the right product knowledge and expertise to assist with the enquiry.

This allows small insurance businesses to refine its approach to customer service, ensuring that potential customers are put in touch with the people best equipped and suited to helping them. This is an approach that can provide a massive leg-up over the competition, especially if it allows that business to respond in a much more decisive and effective way.

Handling volume

Whether a business is large or small, in a sector where customers do a lot of research and gather and compare quotes from different places, there is a potential for high volumes of leads.

Dmall insurance businesses without a lead management system in place might struggle to cope with high volumes. As a result, they could potentially ignore or overlook lucrative opportunities, which go to competitors instead.

Lead management software allows a business to put processes in place which provide automatic filtering of leads. It can also do things like arrange telephone appointments to discuss specific needs with customers. This can help to make high volumes of enquiries much more manageable, and allow smaller businesses to remain competitive in a crowded sector.

Automating many of these processes can also massively benefit smaller businesses. This can free up sales agents and advisors to focus on providing a detailed and comprehensive service, instead of focussing on administrative tasks.

How can FLG help with lead management?

Small insurance businesses should take steps to ensure they operate as effectively as possible. Organising how potential new business is assessed and dealt with is a crucial part of this process, especially for smaller businesses where sustaining growth is so important.

As part of a sales process, sales lead management is vital. This is not only for automating processes to help smaller teams free up time to handle other tasks, but also in making sure the right enquiries go to the right people.

FLG’s dedicated software can help make lead management easier to handle, which, in turn, helps teams focus their efforts on the best possible leads to track and pursue. Our toolset can:

  • Use powerful workflows to automate call centre sales processes
  • Efficiently process leads to help a team follow them up and achieve more sales
  • Integrate with other software platforms, including Trello, MailChimp, Quickbooks, and Campaign Monitor

If you’d like to learn more about FLG and how it can integrate into your business to help manage your sales leads, then visit our Integrations page.

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