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When it comes to reporting, our customers need reports straight out of FLG based on the dates that lead statuses change, not just when leads are received. Funnels, our brand new reporting feature, is our answer to that problem.

Check out how Funnels can provide you with more meaningful business reports.


What is Funnels?

Funnels is a new report type in FLG Insights. Unlike most other reports, which are concerned with when a lead is received, Funnels focuses on how leads progress through your sales process. It’s a useful method to gain insight on your sales life cycle within a specific date range as leads move through your defined funnel steps.
A funnel report can help highlight where performance is strong or weak. Where weak, it allows you to focus on understanding and improving that part of your process. Generally you will want to know where you’re losing opportunities by looking at the biggest drop offs between funnel steps and where you need to improve or prioritise your efforts.


How does Funnels work?

First, you set up a funnel to define the structure of the data to be collected with as many funnel steps as you need. Within each funnel step you can include one or more lead group statuses.


Once you create a funnel, a funnel report can tell you what happens to leads within a specific time period as defined by your funnel steps, by interrogating and presenting the data collected by the funnel.

But, when it comes to creating funnels, we know that once size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we created funnel behaviour options so you can fine tune your funnel reports.

For example, you can create a strict ‘closed’ funnel, where a lead has to follow the defined steps in order to be included in the report, or various types of ‘open’ funnels where a lead can enter midway through, leave, return and skip steps with previous steps being back-filled.


One size doesn't fit all - that's why we created funnel behaviour options.

What else can I do with Funnels?

Another great thing about Funnels is that you can create funnel charts to give you a clear and simple graphical representation of your funnel reports, showing conversion rates and the average elapsed time at each funnel step.

You also have instant access to all the standard FLG Insights features, such as the ability to download, schedule and share reports.


FLG Insights is included on our XL and Concierge plans.

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