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A steady stream of leads into a business is a good sign. It means people are engaging with your brand, have interest in your products and services and are making enquiries that could lead to you winning their business.

If your business is dealing with a high number, or even a potentially overwhelming quantity, of leads, it’s worth putting software in place to help. Lead management software can help businesses that are struggling to handle their leads, however, the software also provides a number of additional benefits for lead management.

Organise leads properly

Lead management software allows your business to sort and organise leads based on a number of different factors. For example, if your leads are coming via an enquiry form on your website then you might have a field that requests information about budget limits or potential spend.

This can help you categorise leads based on how potentially lucrative they can be for your business.

This not only helps you to gauge the quality of the leads you have coming into your business, but it also allows you to work out the priority you place on some leads over others. This can help you to organise your sales teams to be more responsive to a sudden high-value lead.

Assign leads to the right people

It isn’t just potential value that your lead management can organise leads by. Prospective customers might require a particular service or have specific needs. Lead management software allows you to assign leads to dedicated members of your sales teams with specialist experience and knowledge. This can help them better understand the customer’s needs and requirements much more effectively, which, in turn, should help to increase the likelihood of them converting into paying customers for your business.

Nurture and close leads effectively

Lead management software helps your sales teams understand where each lead is up to in your sales process.


From a customer’s point of view, if you don’t effectively record what you’ve already said and sent then it looks artificial, automated and can be off putting.

This might mean that they have access to a list of all the emails, calls and marketing materials a customer has received. Or it might be that the next steps for that lead are highlighted.

The key here is that this allows for fluid communication that doesn’t repeat itself. From a customer’s point of view, if you don’t effectively record what you’ve already said and sent then it looks artificial, automated and can be off-putting. From a business standpoint, it means that you’re duplicating effort, which can waste time and resource which could be better spent on other leads.

How can FLG help manage your business leads?

Lead management software allows business to track, prioritise and manage their leads much more efficiently and effectively. This helps to streamline your business processes, and also helps you provide a better overall service to your customers.

Understanding how beneficial and important your lead management systems are is important for any business looking to maintain a steady flow of new work and enquiries.

This is where FLG can help. We provide a family of robust lead management tools that can:

  • Efficiently process your leads to help follow up and achieve more sales
  • Integrate with other software platforms, including MailChimp and Campaign Monitor
  • Use powerful workflows to automate your sales processes

If you’re interested in learning more about FLG’s family of products, please take a look at our FLG Core page.

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