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If your business provides customers with financial services, such as loans or specific advice, it’s likely that a lot of your initial contact will be customers arranging an appointment to discuss their needs with your directly.

Having systems in place to manage the enquiries you have is vital, but what other important benefits can effective lead management offer businesses in the financial sector?

Allocate the right leads to the right teams

Your business might offer a range of financial services. This might include:

  • Loans
  • Mortgages
  • Pensions
  • Tax
  • Investments

Whatever services you offer to customers, it’s important that they are put in contact with the right people to help with their needs.

Lead automation can help with this by filtering customers based on their requirements. This means that regardless of what a lead needs, they are allocated to the right team member to offer the best, most effective service possible.

This can help a potential customer feel like they are getting the level of service they need, while also helping your team members to prioritise and work on the leads that are best suited to their expertise.


Automated responses also allow for faster replies to potential customers. This opens up lines of communication early and can improve your chances of converting a lead into payable work before your competition.

Outpace the competition

When looking for finance sector advice or services, your potential customers are likely to have been in touch or made enquiries with a number of competing businesses in order to find the best deal.

Lead management software allows you to respond automatically to customers in a prompt manner. It can let a customer know when their enquiry has been received, notify them when they can expect a response, or arrange a callback with them.

This allows you to immediately start communicating with a lead and shows them that you are engaged and ready to help. As this is automated, it allows you to control the quality of your initial contact and follow specific processes to help gather the information you need to provide the best possible service. This might mean gathering specific data to look up information or asking follow-up questions that allow you to start assessing the value of a lead.

Automated responses also allow for faster replies to potential customers. This opens up lines of communication early and can improve your chances of  converting a lead into payable work before your competition.

Prioritise work

Your lead management software can help you to prioritise leads based on their value. This can allow you to direct your teams towards the leads which will have the biggest impact on your business.

Doing this can help you to organise your team’s workflow each day and ensure that your staff are working as efficiently as possible. Filtering can also ensure that these lucrative leads are placed in the hands of your most effective staff, increasing the likelihood of them converting.

Helping you to manage your leads effectively in the finance sector

Utilising effective filtering can help you to improve the flow of leads through your business. It also ensures that any leads you generate are sent to the people that are most likely to help them convert.

Lead management software can help your business to not only put leads in the right hands, but also improve your ability to respond to customers quickly and effectively. This is vital for businesses, especially those in fast-paced and highly competitive sectors.

At FLG, we provide a family of robust lead management tools that can:

  • Efficiently process your leads to help follow up and achieve more sales
  • Integrate with other software platforms, such as MailChimp and Campaign Monitor
  • Use powerful workflows to automate your sales processes

If you’re interested in learning more about how FLG can help your business, take a look around the FLG platform features.

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