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What steps do you take to ensure regulator & GDPR compliance?

Compliance needs to be taken seriously to stay on the right side of the law – this post explores why it’s important and shares tips on what you can do to protect your business.

Written by Lauren Shaw

Why compliance is so important

Compliance is a really big deal.

When your procedure isn’t watertight, you risk:

⚠️ 7-figure fines

⚠️ Penalties

⚠️ Reputational damage 

One small slip-up could cost you big time 😓



How to protect your business

At the very least, be sure to:

1️⃣ Implement data governance – what is stored, who uses it, how & why?

2️⃣ Provide training to ensure that manual administrative tasks are performed correctly 

3️⃣ Have clear policies in place to prevent security breaches

4️⃣ Keep your IT systems secure & up-to-date 

5️⃣ Make data consent explicit & keep your privacy policy accurate & accessible



A CRM with built-in compliance templates

😱 Still concerned? A CRM with built-in compliance templates could be just what you need…

Here’s how FLG can help:

✅ GDPR – records ‘opt-ins’ & easy ‘opt-out’ 

✅ User compliance & permission

  • User privileges control what they see & do 
  • Build step-by-step call scripts so nothing is missed 
  • Templates for accurate & consistent communication

✅ Audit logs & reports 

  • Complete lead timeline
  • Account-wide, time-stamped audit trail
  • Optional logs & reporting on granular account information

✅ Automatic call notes & recordings with dialler & telephony integrations

✅ ISO 27001 certified data storage


Steps you can take to ensure regulator and GDPR compliance

👉 Download the PDF version of this post with screenshots demonstrating how FLG handles each of the points mentioned above.


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