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The ultimate goal when managing your leads is ensuring that your sales or call centre team is following them up and converting them into customers.

But checking that your leads management system is working isn’t just about this.

There’s so much more to consider to make sure your lead management system isn’t just working, but doing so well and effectively. Here’s what to consider and check to ensure your lead management system is working.

Are leads coming through to your team?

A first question to ask yourself when determining if your lead management system is working is, are all leads being processed correctly and coming through to my team? This isn’t just leads in general, but also those that:

  • Are from different sources, such as phone, email, or your company website
  • Are from across all the products and/or services that your team is selling
  • Come in at different times of the day, like early or late hours or days your team isn’t operating
  • Come in simultaneously, such as a high number of calls made at the same time

You should also look at how fast leads are coming through to your team. For instance, are they processed immediately or is there a delay in them being updated to your system. Factors like this can show that your lead management system isn’t working, or isn’t operating as well as it could do.


If leads from particular sources or from certain times of the day are being missed, for instance, then you probably should look at assessing your system.

Are your leads being categorised?

There are different types of leads, from hot and strong to cold and weak. So it’s important that your lead management system can categorise these accordingly. Staff will then know what to prioritise and can follow up the right leads at the right time.

For instance, leads that are hot should be made a priority and followed up before they go cold. This could be someone who is in urgent need of car insurance and has contacted your company, or the business you’re selling for, directly. They are specifically interested in what you sell and are highly likely to be converted into a customer.

Are the right staff being allocated the right leads?

Your team might follow leads across a range of products and services, or your staff, who have different levels of experience, might deal with different enquiries. This could include junior staff handling simpler leads, while senior employees deal with those that are more complex. In this case, you should check that the right leads are going to the right people.

This is important to ensure your customer conversion isn’t negatively affected. A more complex lead accidentally going through to a junior employee, for instance, who can’t answer the customer’s questions, could result in the lead going cold – the customer becomes frustrated and goes to a competitor.

Are leads being contacted in the right way?

Good lead management should also be designed to keep the customer happy. This includes making sure sales techniques and processes are simple and stress-free. Part of this is about contacting them in the way they want to be contacted. For instance, in their enquiry, they might have requested that you contact them by email, or that they prefer to speak over the phone.

Nothing can be more irritating for a potential customer than not being listened to, like receiving a phone call when they’re busy at work, after specifically asking to be contacted by email. So it’s important to make sure your system is being updated with the right information. This way your salespeople know what approach to take when following up each lead.

Is the right lead information being updated to your system?

It’s also important to check that all information about your leads is accurate and updated to your system once they’re followed up. This includes indicating what leads:

  • Should be followed up again – such as to get more information
  • Have gone dead – where the customer is no longer interested
  • Have resulted in a sale and customer conversion

Doing this ensures that the right potential customers are followed up. It also prevents people from being chased that staff have already spoken to, running the risk of them becoming frustrated and not wanting to use your services again.

Providing you with lead management that works  

Ensuring you have a lead management system that works is essential for any B2C sales team or call centre. This includes a system that categorises leads, so those that are hot don’t get missed, and ensuring the right employees in your team handle the right enquiries.

Effective lead management is where FLG can help. We provide a tool set that can:

  • Process your leads efficiently to help you follow up and successfully close more sales
  • Utilise powerful workflows to keep your customers informed and updated
  • Effectively integrate with other software platforms, such as Campaign Monitor and MailChimp

If you’re interested in our family of products and would like to learn about how our software can help you ensure your lead management is working, visit our Reporting and Analytics page.

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