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The financial sector is incredibly broad, with a range of businesses providing different services and a wealth of customers looking for solutions to their financial problems.

Leads are a huge part of the financial sector, and managing them effectively can be the difference between your business struggling or succeeding and outperforming your competitors

To make the most of your lead management, what are the key things to keep in mind?

A competitive sector

The financial sector is fiercely competitive. With so many choices for customers, every lead you receive has also more than likely gone to at least two or three of your competitors.

This means that your ability to respond to a lead quickly and effectively is incredibly important.

Having a lead management system in place, which can respond to an initial lead automatically, can help. For example, when a lead makes contact with your business, you should look to have a response in place that lets that customer know their enquiry has been received and what the next steps are.

This could be something as simple as an email or text message thanking the customer for their enquiry, and letting them know the next step in the process. You might even be able to provide the name of the staff member who will be in touch or open up a conversation for gathering more information to help their enquiry progress.

Responding in this way demonstrates that you are both paying close attention, and actively trying to gain a deeper understanding of the customer and their needs. This helps you make a much stronger first impression and helps you stand out from your competition.

Quicker filtering and personalised responses

Most businesses within the financial sector will deal with a range of different services. These could include:

  • Equity release
  • Investments and savings
  • Mortgages
  • Pensions and retirement
  • Tax
  • Long-term care
  • Life protection

Coupled with the other general financial services that customers require, this means that people dealing with your business could be getting in touch for a range of reasons.

As a business, you need to be able to understand which category each lead falls into quickly — remember, they are likely talking to the competition too. The faster you can do this, the more quickly you can send out the appropriate response and filter that lead to the right people.

Potential customers can be prompted to do this very simply, either through a drop-down selection on a form on your website, or by being asked to reply to an email or SMS with which service they are interested in.


A chatbot incorporated into your website is also a fantastic way to do this initial filtering, as it can follow lines of questioning related to each individual enquiry, helping you to gather more information that you can use to help advance the enquiry.

This filtering enables you to demonstrate a better level of understanding of a customer’s needs by providing a response that relates more directly to their enquiry. This could be simple details, such as informing them that a member of a specific team will be getting in touch, or arranging a time for a call back and informing them of what information they need to have at hand.

This also helps to provide a detailed background of a customer’s specific needs when they come to talk to a member of your team. That background knowledge can help to streamline the service they are given, providing a better experience for the customer.

Enabling you to manage your leads effectively

Within such a competitive sector, being able to understand a lead, filter based on their needs and respond quickly are crucial in helping that lead to convert into business.

Lead management allows you to do this, putting the steps and processes in place to quickly understand and reply to leads in a professional and effective way. Having accurate and effective responses can really help to give you a leg-up on the competition, which is vital in such a crowded and diverse sector.

This is where FLG can help. We provide a tool set that can help businesses in the financial sector to:

  • Utilise powerful workflows to automate your sales processes
  • Process your leads efficiently to help follow up and successfully close more sales
  • Effectively integrate with other software platforms, such as Campaign Monitor and MailChimp

If you’d like to learn more about how FLG can help you deliver a more effective service for your customers and integrate seamlessly into your organisation, visit our Integrations page.

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