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Over the past couple of months we’ve released some brand new features to help speed up and simplify everyday business processes, providing customers with even more value from FLG.

Among these new features are Appointments and Journeys. Since their release, our developers have been busy working on new ways to achieve further integration between new features and the core elements of the FLG platform.

Here’s an update on the latest possibilities:

Written by Lauren Shaw


Automate lead action events on completion of a journey

You can now automate actions on completion of a journey to, for example, send your customer or prospect an instant email to thank them for completing a fact find. Or assign a lead to a particular user or user group to get the information to the right people straight away. 

Use conditional filters to power automation

It’s now possible to trigger events based on data collected by a journey. For instance, you could ask your customer what bolt-on products they’re interested in or check their date of birth if you target your products at specific age groups, and automatically send them more information if their responses match your criteria.


Data collected with Journeys is no longer siloed! When you set up a webhook as part of a lead action or automated workflow, you can now select Journeys’ data and make use of it in other systems and tools.



Lead action events based on appointment times

You can now send reminders, notifications and follow-ups based on the date or time of an FLG appointment. For instance, you could send an email one day before to ensure your prospect has everything to hand for a call. Or send a text message an hour before so they’re ready and pick up when you ring. You could even send reminders to your users so they can prepare for their forthcoming appointments.

Coming soon…

Our philosophy is to continuously deliver valuable features in early release as quickly as possible and evolve them based on rich customer feedback.

Next, we’re expanding Appointments to user groups so you can check calendar availability for a whole team. We’ll also start to look at more Journeys automation with in-page calculations and conditional logic based on dynamic behaviour that hides or reveals information based on previous responses.



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