Good news! We've just released some great new functionality for our Aircall integration, the first offering of our Voice track focused on diallers and telephony.

If you missed our announcement about the Voice launch, you can find out all about it here.

Now, here’s what’s new:


Add call comments to an existing telephone call note

Our Aircall integration offers some pretty nifty features – it creates telephone call notes automatically and attaches them to leads in FLG, and adding call recordings is just a click away. 

But, we quickly identified that users may want to add to a note to record important details of a conversation after the call has ended. With Aircall’s call notes locked in FLG, there was no way to do this.

So, we created a way to add call comments to any existing telephone call note created using our current or future Voice integrations. All entries are date and time stamped and show which user added the comment to provide you with a full audit history. 

Click-to-call and screen-pop

Clicking on a telephone number in FLG will now send it straight to the Aircall dialler to save you time when making outbound calls, and all calls are automatically linked to the lead records.

We also show key caller information for inbound calls via screen-pop, such as the caller’s name, details about their lead and a direct link to the lead record.


Clever number matching

If you have multiple leads with the same telephone number associated with them, for instance if a potential customer has expressed an interest in multiple products or services, you’ll need a way to match each call to the correct lead.

Similarly, if a potential customer calls you from a withheld or alternative number that you don’t have recorded, you’ll want to be able to associate that call with their lead record.

To make this easy to manage, we’ve added a clever number matching feature that allows users to make matches during a call (and for a short period after it) to ensure that call notes and call recording are placed on the correct lead.

Here at FLG, we use Aircall internally. We take calls from multiple users at the same company, so we’re finding the call matching functionality incredibly useful ourselves!  We can now quickly match calls to leads to ensure a complete audit of call notes and recordings.

If you think your business would benefit from these features and you’d like to learn more, please get in touch with any questions.

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