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When it comes to controlling the flow of leads through your business, and ensuring that you maximise the likelihood of them converting from enquiries into sales, it is vital that you have an effective process in place.

The right lead management processes can be transformative for a business, but can they be put in place quickly?

What processes you should follow

Effective lead management involves a number of key processes. These include:

  • Gathering information from leads
  • Scoring leads
  • Passing leads over to sales teams
  • Nurturing leads
  • Converting leads into sales

This set of processes should cover everything – from gathering the information you need to effectively communicate with a customer and ascertain the value of a lead, to being able to put that lead in front of the team members best suited to help nurture and convert it.

As a business, you might follow these points in a number of ways. However, you might lack a defined process to help your sales staff work effectively and provide a consistent level of service and sales support.

Following these processes manually can be time-consuming and limit the number of leads your sales teams can effectively handle. In turn, this lack of efficiency can limit the sales potential of your business and restrict revenue.


Dedicated lead management software can allow you to implement many automated processes that allow you to start seeing an immediate change in how your lead management works

Introducing effective software

The most effective way to introduce lead management into your business quickly is to utilise software that can handle a lot of the processes on your behalf.

Automation can decrease the amount of information gathering and administrative tasks your staff have to complete. Doing this gives them more time to focus on nurturing leads and progressing sales. The automation also means that a larger volume of leads can be processed much more quickly.

Dedicated lead management software can allow you to implement many automated processes that allow you to start seeing an immediate change in how your lead management works. However, it is important to ensure your staff are trained on how the new system will work, prior to its launch. This ensures the system’s efficiency and that staff understand how to get the most out of its use as soon as possible.

How FLG can help with quickly implementing lead management

You might have an existing lead management process that can be made to operate more effectively. Or you might need to completely transform the way your business deals with new potential customers.

Whatever the reason, being able to react and respond to leads before managing their dealings with your business is vital. The speed you process a lead can be the difference between a sale going to your business, or a potential customer going to a competitor.

Deploying a system that allows you to immediately increase the speed and efficiency with which you process and manage leads can create a dynamic shift within a business – improving your capacity to deal with leads and allowing you to increase the amount of sales and conversions you make.

This is where FLG can help. We provide a toolset that can:

  • Process your leads efficiently to help you and your staff follow them up, successfully close more sales and increase customer conversion
  • Effectively integrate with other software platforms, such as MailChimp and Campaign Monitor
  • Utilise powerful workflows to keep your customers updated and informed

To find out more about FLG’s products and how we can help your business with effective lead management, please visit our FLG page.

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