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How would you rate you and your team's organisational skills? Whether you've got desks full of papers and post-it notes or pretty well-organised diaries, imagine how much easier it would be if you each had a single, prioritised view of all the tasks associated your allocated leads.

With a complete view of all tasks, events and appointments, replies to emails and SMS messages that need to be followed up, plus the option to receive reminders to ensure nothing is ever missed – your team productivity levels will be through the roof!

Written by Lauren Shaw


Is lack of organisation impacting your business? 📉

We can all have our off days, but ongoing disorganisation can affect overall team efficiency and effectiveness, and result in mistakes such as not responding to enquiries quickly enough, mixing up lead details, and even missing appointments. In a busy sales environment, without the correct tools in place to support you and your team, these to-do list errors could cost you big time.

Mistakes aside, if your team doesn’t have a clear view of their workload, how do they know which tasks they need to prioritise? A lack of focus can have a negative knock-on effect on their productivity, potentially costing you both time and money.


Clarity powers productivity 👁️

There’s a great article by Forbes on 7 ways clarity powers productivity, which supports the idea that clear, specific next steps will allow you to fly through your workload with ease.

Imagine a day at work where you don’t even need to think about what’s on your to-do list next, because you’re prompted and guided from one task to the next in priority order.

No procrastinating, no wasted time – just that great feeling of having a productive day, a job well done, and hopefully some great sales results (and commission 💰) to show for it!


Overall productivity depends on the productivity of each individual hour. Hour by hour clarity may save only 5 minutes here and 10 minutes there, but those really add up.

A single, prioritised view of each user’s workload ✅

With a single view of all tasks associated to a user’s allocated leads on their individual dashboard, FLG makes it easy for each and every user to know exactly where they’re up to and what essential tasks they need to prioritise next. Essentially eliminating the traditional to-do list.

Think of this FLG feature as a smart daily planner that simplifies users’ task management to help them keep their work on track and focus their attention on the most important upcoming activities in priority order.

to-do list

Want to learn more about single user to-do list dashboards and how easy it is to create and manage all your tasks? Check out this article that goes into detail about all the possibilities.


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