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If Monday morning reporting is taking too long and you're looking for ways to improve efficiency, FLG Insights allows you to schedule and share reports to make light work of all your reporting tasks.

The scheduling and sharing functionality within our reporting tool, FLG Insights, simplifies the way you share data with your colleagues and external partners, saving you time and ultimately transforming your decision making by allowing you to take a step back and assess progress and performance.


Share live data reports via a link

If you need to share your reports with external partners or colleagues who don’t have access to FLG, you have the flexibility to create read-only reports and send them via a link, which can then be bookmarked to give instant access to live data.


Download reports in CSV or PDF format

If you want to share a snapshot of your data at a fixed moment in time, you can download your reports in PDF or CSV format to send to your colleagues or external partners as an email attachment.


Reporting needn’t be a cumbersome task. When it’s automated, scheduled and shareable, it saves you time and transforms your decision making.

Schedule reports

If you have reports that you want to run regularly and distribute at set times, you can set up schedules that will automatically run and email your reports to a defined distribution list on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, at customisable times you control.

Schedule reports with FLG Insights

This is perfect when you need to regularly assess progress and look at how well a team is performing, and amend training or workflows as a result.


FLG Insights is included on our XL and Concierge plans.

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