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Tracking and managing your sales leads is crucial for maintaining a steady flow of custom into your business.

It’s important that you keep up to date with your leads and nurture them in order to encourage sales. Finding ways to do this more effectively can mean your efforts are more successful, but what should you consider when it comes to lead nurturing?

Quick responses and quality service

To nurture leads as effectively as you can, it’s important to hit the ground running as soon as a potential customer contacts you. If you can get in touch with a lead quickly, it will demonstrate that you’re attentive and eager to meet their needs.

Doing this makes a great first impression, and that quick initial contact can mean that leads will be more likely to convert than if they were left to wait for too long before you responded. Some leads might even choose to contact a competitor to meet their needs instead. Getting in touch quickly gives you a head start on the competition, especially in highly competitive sectors where customers will make multiple enquiries at the same time.

You’ve already demonstrated your professionalism and keenness to provide your service, and this can help make leads more receptive to your future nurturing methods. However, the quality of your customer service can also play a huge part in nurturing potential customers and emphasising that your business is the right option for them.

Think, for example, about the claims management industry. In many cases, the customers who get in touch with you will have gone through an upsetting experience such as an injury or a financial issue. Dealing with an understanding professional can be really helpful, providing the information they need and reassuring them about the next steps they should take.

Providing a level of compassion and understanding with your customer service helps to make your brand and services more approachable. This also helps customers to open up more about their needs, which makes it much easier to tailor your services to their specific requirements.


To nurture leads as effectively as you can, it’s important to hit the ground running as soon as a potential customer contacts you. If you can get in touch with a lead quickly, it will demonstrate that you’re attentive and eager to meet their needs.

Targeted content

Another important aspect of nurturing sales leads is how you engage with your customers and what you can offer to them. Think about things such as:

  • The kind of industry you’re working in
  • What sort of problems or issues your leads might face that you can solve
  • Where your leads have come from
  • Their position within a company

Understanding who your leads are and how this relates to your business can help you provide the most relevant information based on their needs. This stops you sending irrelevant or unnecessary information to customers.

Streamlining the information you provide means people aren’t wasting time trying to find what they need. Providing information in a clear and efficient way also means you create an image of a brand that gives people exactly what they want.

More thorough knowledge of your leads also means that you can direct leads to the most appropriate staff member or team. This helps reassure and nurture leads, as they know they are being helped by experts. The knowledge that they’ll always be dealt with by someone with a thorough understanding of their needs can also be really helpful when it comes to nurturing sales leads and encouraging sales.


When nurturing sales leads, it’s important that you keep to a general time frame, rather than sending marketing emails and contacting leads without any particular rhyme or reason.

Sending too many emails and contacting too frequently can cause leads to feel overwhelmed, which pushes them away from your business and could cost you lucrative sales. On the other hand, too few emails and too little contact may cause leads to forget about your business or look for solutions elsewhere from a competitor.

Both extremes will cost you leads and sales, which is why you should create a clear process for dealing with leads and stick to it in order to provide a consistent level of service.

Helping your business with nurturing sales leads

Leads are a crucial part of many businesses, and it’s important that you manage and nurture them as effectively as you can. In doing so, you’ll increase the chances of converting your leads, and help guide your business on to greater success going forward.

This is where FLG can help. Our dedicated CRM software can help make your lead management easier to handle, which enables your staff to work as effectively as possible. Our toolset can:

  • Efficiently process leads to help a team follow up and achieve more sales
  • Integrate with other software platforms, including Trello, MailChimp, QuickBooks, and Campaign Monitor
  • Use powerful workflows to automate call centre sales processes

If you’d like to learn more about FLG & nurturing sales leads; how it can benefit your business, take a look at our Marketing Automation page.

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