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It’s true that text messaging is based on old standards, but SMS is the most popular form of communication in the UK. Maybe it’s because of its accessibility – pretty much anyone can send or receive a text message on their mobile phone, whether it's a smartphone or older mobile device.

When communicating with a customer, it’s important to engage as quickly as possible. A direct line of communication provides a way to gather information, update, inform and market to someone in an efficient manner. This is why SMS is a useful tool to manage the customer experience.


98% of all text messages are read, on average within 5 seconds.
(Frost & Sullivan)

SMS functionality

FLG has deeply integrated text messaging functionality, which allows system users to send an SMS message to an individual lead or to a group in bulk.

But you might not know about an incredibly useful feature that can be a real aid to sales lead conversion. It’s quick and fairly unique…

Text message replies

With the FLG platform, you can set up text message replies! So when you send text messages to your customers, they can simply reply to the text and it is assigned straight back to the user who sent it. It’s automatically attached to the lead, keeping all interactions in the same place with a clear central view.

You can use this two-way SMS communication functionality to:

  1. Automatically acknowledge enquiries and immediately begin to progress leads.
  2. Engage with customers when they can’t talk (for example if they’re at work or in a public place).
  3. Collect information in small pieces at a pace that is convenient for the lead – a frictionless way to move the lead on.
  4. Allow a lead to progress if a customer prefers to text back and forth.
  5. Mass-market to your customers and encourage repeat business.

SMS shortcodes

We can also set up SMS shortcodes whereby you can receive new enquiries through your promotions and advertising, for example ‘text QUOTE to 50123’.

Use SMS to win more business

SMS text messaging is an incredibly effective, low-cost method to help your business convert more leads and win repeat business – one of the many features available with FLG.

Visit FLG Core to learn more.



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