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In call centre environments, it’s essential that your team has the tools they need to keep detailed audit trails so you can offer the best level of customer service. But, completing call notes and linking call recordings to leads can be difficult, time-consuming and easy to forget.

That’s why we created Voice to help you record proof of conversation for compliance purposes and continuous improvement through call monitoring.

What is Voice?

Voice is our brand new feature focused on diallers and telephony, designed to offer tight integrations with some of the best telephony systems. Integrations are simple to set up, easy to use and offer all the compliance features you need.
We’re exploring a range of telephony systems for small and medium-sized businesses, and also those best suited to call or contact centre settings.

What’s first for Voice?

Our first release is our Aircall integration. Aircall is an ultra-modern telephony system with instant setup, powerful integrations and proven quality. It scales very easily and offers the flexibility you need to fit your business today and the plans you have for tomorrow.
This first release is available right now, providing FLG CRM with some brand new tools to save time and ensure quality and compliance.


Aircall - a modern telephony system with instant setup, powerful integrations and proven quality.

Click-to-call and screen pop

Clicking on a telephone number in FLG CRM will send it straight to the Aircall dialler to save you time when making outbound calls.

For inbound calls, key caller information is displayed via screen pop on insights cards, such as the caller’s name, lead status and a link straight to the lead.

Call matching

If a customer calls you from a telephone number that you already have recorded on multiple leads, or from an alternative or withheld number, our clever number matching feature allows you to link call notes and recordings to the correct lead during or after the call.

Call notes

Automatic call note creation saves your users time and allows them to focus on delivering quality customer service.

Call recordings

Access to call recordings is available straight from a lead, helping you to ensure quality and compliance.

What’s next for Voice?

In terms if Aircall, we’ll continue to do more to make the integration even better.

We’re also looking at further product integrations, so if there’s one you’d like to see then please suggest it via our product feedback site.


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