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In today’s digital age, insurance leads don’t just come from one place, like via a phone call.

From emails to social media feeds, website enquiry forms to comparison websites, they can come from many different sources.

We look at where you should expect your insurance leads to come from and what you should consider to make sure you handle them effectively.

Types of insurance leads

When first thinking about where your insurance leads should come from, it’s worth pointing out there are different types of customers that can come with each source. This includes people who:

  • Want to buy insurance and want to buy your product
  • Are comparing different insurance companies and types of cover
  • Are in need of insurance but don’t know what to buy
  • Want more information before they make a decision

Sources where different leads can come from

These types of leads can come from different sources, with enquires being made via phone or email, for example. Different situations, where a person might want or need insurance, can also result in leads coming from a range of other sources.

For instance, if a potential customer is thinking about needing insurance while they’re on the go, they might look up a company on their smartphone and fill in a quick enquiry form.

If they are in need of insurance after moving house or buying a car, they might phone a company directly, or make an enquiry via a price comparison website.

Or they might see an advert for an insurance company in a newspaper or magazine, which gets their interest, and then decide to contact them via an email address that’s provided.


There are many sources that insurance leads can come from, so it’s important to make sure your business or your call centre team can handle them effectively.

Different sources include:


  • Your business website (from the contact us page, for example)
  • Email marketing, such as your newsletter
  • An enquiry via a site chatbot
  • Advertisements on websites
  • Insurance comparison websites


  • Blogs, tips, guides, or white papers about insurance on your business website or other sites that mention your company
  • Your business’ social media channels
  • Newspaper or magazine articles that mention your business


  • Your customers’ family members
  • Friends of customers you’ve helped
  • Your customers’ colleagues and clients at work

Collating leads from different sources

As your leads can come from many different sources, it’s important to have a system in place that helps to collect them together and ensure a single lead doesn’t get missed.

An effective leads management system can help collate leads, and prioritise them in terms of which are hot or cold. This can help your call centre team know which to follow up and when.

Helping you to manage and follow up your insurance leads

Ensuring your business or call centre can effectively collect insurance leads from all types of sources is important to successfully manage and follow them up. This can range from leads that have come directly from your company website to referrals from a previous customer you’ve helped.

Making sure you manage, follow up and nurture your leads effectively is where FLG can help. We provide a tool set that can:

  • Process your leads efficiently to help you follow up and successfully close more sales
  • Utilise powerful workflows to keep your customers informed
  • Effectively integrate with other software platforms, such as Campaign Monitor and MailChimp.

If you’re interested in learning more about FLG’s products and how we can help you manage your leads, please visit our Powerful CRM page.

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