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There are many responsibilities that all staff in a business have to handle each day. This is true for businesses of any size, whether you have a handful of staff, or several large teams.

For any business, finding ways to work more effectively or improve current procedures is an ongoing process. Sales automation can be one way you can do both at the same time, but why should you consider using it?

Help staff work more efficiently

There are many duties that staff will handle each day. Crucial administrative tasks such as updating and amending lead information, for example, are particularly important duties for staff. With many leads to handle at any one time, this can take up a significant part of the working day.

Automation will take a lot of this administrative burden off your teams, which lets them spend more time and effort generating and nurturing new leads.

Sales automation platforms can also generate daily reports for your staff, which lets them know their priorities for each workday. This could be a helpful way to increase staff motivation with a sense of friendly competition. Staff performance could automatically be tracked and charted each day. This data could then be put into a weekly or monthly report which gives managers a holistic view on staff performance.

You could, for example, track which employees are generating the most revenue, which employees handle leads most successfully, or which teams are performing the best each week. It might also help you identify opportunities for training to help certain staff members work more effectively.

Forecasting and clarity

While automatically tracking sales data and performance of your staff is useful to help staff work efficiently, it can also provide your business with another key benefit.

Tracking sales information automatically gives you a much clearer picture of exactly how much revenue is coming into your business at any given time. However, automation tools can take this information and create graphs and projections on what your future income might be based on current statistics and performance.

This forecasting can be really useful when it comes to knowing when you can expand your teams or branch out into other business areas, for example. You’ll get a better feel for exactly how well your business is doing in terms of bringing in and converting leads, and how well you’re likely to do going forward.



Automation will take a lot of this administrative burden off your teams, which lets them spend more time and effort generating and nurturing new leads.

Focusing on the right leads

Automation can be a really useful way to ensure that the most lucrative leads are handled as a priority, and that each member of your team deals with leads best suited to them.

There are many ways that this might work in a business. For example, if you have sales staff all over the country, you might use automated processes to ensure that only leads from the relevant postcodes are sent to each team. Or you might forward your leads to staff members who specialise in certain areas based on the requirements each potential customer has.

Using automation in this fashion can help to better ensure every lead is given the best service possible by the people best suited to deal with it. This can be a great way to leave customers with a lasting positive impression of your business, or also to increase the chance of a lead converting.

The most robust automation platforms can also help you get an idea for a lead’s potential value to your business, too. For example, it might be that a lead represents a certain number of guaranteed sales, or the information you have suggests they’re looking to make a high-value purchase.

Because this information will be automatically generated for you based on lead information, it can help you to ensure that high-value leads are nurtured more carefully and effectively in the aim of securing the sale.

Using automation to benefit your business

Improving the way your business operates and helping your staff to work as efficiently as possible is a great way to lead your business to further success.

Automation can be the perfect way to free up staff time and give a much better view of your business overall, letting each staff member spend time where it matters – growing your business and providing great service.

This is where FLG can help. We provide a tool set that can help businesses to:

  • Utilise powerful workflows to automate sales processes
  • Process leads efficiently to help follow up and successfully close more sales
  • Effectively integrate with other software platforms, such as Campaign Monitor and MailChimp

To learn more about how FLG can help you deliver a more effective service for your customers, please visit our Intelligent Workflows page.

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