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This little spark of sales lead knowledge aims to ignite the fire of your sales team to act rapidly and drive conversion rates to win more business and add more to your bottom line. Online sales leads are notoriously fickle; attention spans, and your window of opportunity, can be measured in minutes. It’s essential that a new lead is engaged immediately.

Research suggests that firms that try to contact potential customers within an hour of receiving a enquiry are nearly seven times as likely to qualify the lead (have a meaningful conversation with a key decision maker) compared to those that try to contact the customer an hour later.

To complicate matters, even in a business to business environment, it’s incredible how many sales leads are generated at weekends or at night – and of course this number increases in business to consumer interactions. Often, the lead has made his or her mind up by the time you’re back at your desk in the morning, meaning your sales cycle is closed.


The key is to give an instant response to your new client.

The key is to give an instant response to your new client. Nurturing begins in the first second of contact – your client needs to be thoroughly engaged until all the benefits of your service have been discovered. An email response to your new lead, introducing the person in your team that is devoted to winning their business, is the first and vital step, but more importantly this email needs to be tailored to their needs (through recognition of their industry type, geographic location or other specific criteria). There should also be an immediate indication of the next steps – when and how you will contact your new customer in waiting, as you seek to move through the sales cycle.

It’s important that sales administration moves quickly to meet the customer’s expectation of an instant response, and business processes need to be updated to reflect shorter attention spans. Most sales organisations need tools and processes to help them meet the demands.

FLG is a product that will do all the above and more. In one great value package, there is the opportunity to manage new leads, instantly interact, nurture and broadcast your message before profiting on a sale to a thoroughly informed and satisfied new customer.

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