Access to masses of data can naturally be a concern to businesses, especially when you want to stay on the right side of GDPR and other data protection laws. Sales lead management data is no different – with a potentially significant amount of customer information to be responsible for.

FLG gives you secure access to the information associated with each lead. All of your data, logs and documents are stored securely in our secure cloud, accessible from anywhere but firmly in line with European GDPR and UK data protection laws.

The FLG product family is:

GDPR compliant

GDPR influences the way in which someone’s data is stored and utilised. This means that it’s important for businesses to have express permission to get in touch with people. FLG provides you with a GDPR Compliant CRM, with simple tools to record this consent against every lead ensuring you remain compliant and on the right side of data protection law.

UK Data Protection Act compliant

A full audit trail is kept against every lead. This means you can always see who has made changes, or who has accessed/read the details on each of your leads. FLG’s fine grained permissions mean that you can match permission levels to specific users. For example, allowing only managers to delete activity from leads or download lists. This process allows you to feel safe in the knowledge that your whole client database is well mandated, and every interaction with a client is documented.

Hosted in secure UK-based data centres

FLG’s application and database servers are hosted in a secure physical UK data centre. This means that not only is the platform lightning fast, but FLG and our hosting partners have complete control of the entire stack. Our hosting partner fully owns and controls the entire data centre and is ISO 27001 certified, ensuring that only the highest standards of information security are in place.

Automatically backed up on your behalf

All of your data is securely stored across parallel databases that constantly keep each other in sync. Alongside this failsafe security, we perform a complete daily offsite backup of your data to ensure that in the event of an emergency your data is always safe and secure. Not only does this ensure your data is always reachable, and in safe hands, but it is also completely compliant with regulations surrounding data protection, thus taking the worry and stress of this out of your hands.

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Products Used

The FLG family of products is a complete, hosted framework designed to work seamlessly together. We enable your business to receive, manage, process and convert leads in a completely secure environment.

FLG Core

Our main lead processing software, capturing every single enquiry from the point of receipt and managing it through to conversion.

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FLG Insights

Our online reporting platform allows you to create stunning reports for viewing on-screen, printing, exporting and scheduling.

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Flow XO for Workflow

Gain a better level of control over your FLG leads and customer data by integrating your 3rd-party systems with powerful workflows.

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Flow XO for Chat

Create an automated chatbot that allows you to be available to your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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