Does your team enjoy using Aircall?

Yes – it’s really important that our salespeople have the tools they need to complement their customer-focused approach, and Aircall does that really well.  The click-to-call feature means they can quickly contact customers directly from FLG, and they can automatically save call notes and recordings against each lead. With the manual, administrative tasks taken care of automatically, their time is freed up to focus on assisting customers. 

Having the time and space to really get to know what the customer wants helps build trust, and nowadays this is more important than ever. We operate in a competitive environment where there’s a high focus on relationships – someone’s wedding or important family celebration is completely personal, so if the customer isn’t confident we’ll do a good job then we won’t get a sale.

So, it’s also the small things that Aircall allows us to do such as call customers from a number with a local area code that all contribute towards making the customer experience feel even more personal. 


Finally, how would you summarise the overall benefits of our Aircall integration?

The big picture benefit of using Aircall alongside FLG is being able to remove the friction from building relationships with customers and our salespeople’s workload. By getting rid of the administrative burden from day-to-day tasks, it’s easier for them to prioritise what they do well, which is listening to the customer and looking after them to fulfil their event and exceed expectations. 

There’s a lot of competition in our industry and we rely on building relationships to secure sales. It really is the most important thing to us – our customer-focused sales team needs tools that complement our operations, and FLG’s Aircall integration does that really well. 


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