Company name: Earcandy
Business type: Live music agency
Agents using FLG: 8
FLG customer since: 2011

Written by Lauren Shaw

Earcandy, the live music agency with a personal touch, prides itself on building relationships with customers to provide award-winning, hand-picked acts for weddings, parties and events across the UK.

Discover how FLG has been helping them to achieve this since 2011:

  • Communication tools that complement their customer-focused approach
  • Automates time-consuming administrative tasks
  • Helps deliver exceptional customer experiences that result in repeat business & recommendations.


Nine years ago, Earcandy Founder and Director Ben Rogers was working in the live music agency and noticed a disconnect between the quality of the live acts he was seeing personally at weddings and events compared to the talent he knew was out there. This inspired him to create Earcandy to provide tried and tested spectacular entertainment for all manner of events throughout the UK.

Starting out with a couple of bands on the books, all leads were managed manually using spreadsheets. As the business gained momentum, they tried their first CRM system before identifying the need for a better solution that could help them automate mundane, repetitive tasks and focus on the customer experience.

When the team receives a call from a customer, they need quick access to all previous communication with them to familiarise themselves with the details of their event. Prior to using FLG, they weren’t able to do this effectively, and Ben wanted to give his team the tools they needed to build relationships and deliver a seamless service, no matter who picks up the phone.



In 2011, Earcandy, the live music agency, came onboard as an FLG customer and we helped them set up the platform around their existing processes. When a new lead comes in, an automated workflow notifies the team and somebody gets in touch right away, demonstrating that they’re responsive and genuinely care about assisting the customer – a level of service that larger, impersonal agencies aren’t able to match.

The team also use workflows to put new ideas in place by connecting to external apps using our webhook and API integrations. For example, they’ve come up with a way to make a cheering noise sound in the office whenever a sale is made, and they’ve automated a task to periodically remind their pool of artists to check and update their contact details.

By automating tasks that don’t add value to the customer experience, users are freed up to gain a real understanding of the customer’s requirements and build a relationship by engaging with them in a personal way.


“We love that we can automate the more manual, laborious tasks and leave them to their own devices - it’s a huge time-saver!
Workflows really open up new possibilities to put our ideas in place in a cost-effective way.”

Ben Rogers, Founder and Director

Earcandy think of FLG as a communication hub for their entire business. They use it to contact their artists, event partners and customers, and really value having a holistic view of every interaction within each contact’s record. Any user can pick up an enquiry and have all the information they need at their fingertips – when customers speaks to somebody that’s on the ball, they trust that they’re going to do a good job and deliver a first-rate service.

It’s also important that the team communicates with customers on their terms – not everyone wants to pick up the phone, and sometimes emails just don’t cut through. FLG’s multi-channel contact options, including two-way SMS, allow the team to engage with customers via text message if they can’t get hold of them or they just need to confirm a few details. It’s quick, effective, and every text is included in each customer’s communication history.

When it comes to analysing sales performance, Ben uses reporting & analytics to identify any areas for improvement. It gives him the business overview he needs to check, for example, that they’re sending out quotes quickly enough and not making contact too frequently. By putting himself in the customer’s shoes, it allows him to understand where effective process changes can be made.


Earcandy now offer 30 different acts including DJs, bands and string quartets for around 1,000 events each year taking place between London and Manchester. Their success in such a competitive industry is attributed to their consistently excellent customer experience, resulting in referrals from music industry professionals, event planners, and recommendations from happy customers. 

FLG are delighted to have played a part in their journey, but it’s not just Earcandy that wins with us – it’s their customers too! One particularly memorable example was when a couple got in touch in search of a live band days before their wedding during peak season after being let down by the musicians they had booked. A new enquiry alert prompted a user to contact them right away while a bulk text was sent to their pool of performers to check availability. The team managed to put a band together, arrange rehearsals and fulfil the event in a matter of days. The customer was blown away by the incredible service, and the performance was the highlight of their day.

By continuing to go above and beyond for customers, Ben aspires to grow the business and extend their reach UK-wide, with FLG playing an important role in that expansion to collaboratively implement new ideas that improve the customer experience. 


“The support from FLG has always been fantastic - we’re able to get through instantly and the value, care and attention is huge compared to what you get with other CRM players in the market. They’re either prohibitively expensive, or cheap and don’t offer the same level of support, and many of them don’t take such a personal approach.

“With FLG, customers benefit from great CRM functionality, great support and it doesn’t cost the earth - you really do get the best of both worlds.”

Ben Rogers, Founder and Director

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