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Business type: Lead generation company
Monthly leads processed: 100+
FLG customer since: 2019

Written by Lauren Shaw is a newly established lead generation firm that helps many different types of businesses and individuals find flexible, short-term office space on a pay-as-you-go basis throughout the UK.

I spoke to Jonathan Ratcliffe, Senior Broker at, who told me how they’ve been using FLG to help them do business and move forward with their growth plans.

Discover the role FLG plays in this lead generation business: 

  • Captures inbound leads from 50+ sources 
  • Stores them in one single place and tracks where they come from
  • Intelligent workflows manage automated processes for each lead type
  • Leads securely and efficiently transferred to partners.


Flexible workplaces, including serviced offices, business centres and co-working spaces, are in high demand for start-ups, freelancers and expanding companies that don’t want to sign up for long-term leases. With many different options available, it can be difficult for businesses to find their perfect match.

That’s why provide a focused team to make finding an office easy. They facilitate the search for all-inclusive, temporary working environments through their partnerships with office providers to offer an all-market view of current pricing and availability in every city in the UK.

When it comes to lead management, Jonathan had previously used Pipedrive’s CRM at a different company, but found it was too rigid for their requirements. Keen to find a flexible alternative, in 2015 he discovered FLG and has been using it ever since. That’s why when he launched a few months ago, it made perfect sense to use FLG.


“FLG is perfect for us - as a small business it’s key that we use flexible software that we can scale as we grow.”

Jonathan Ratcliffe, Senior Broker

Solution manage all enquiries in-house, from presenting different options to booking viewings and gathering feedback. They then sell leads to partners once they’re fully qualified and the customer is in a position to move forward.

Here’s how FLG helps them manage each lead, every step of the way:

  • Customers search for different types of office space on’s dedicated websites, where they can check availability and pricing in their chosen location and submit an enquiry through an FLG web form.
  • Inbound leads from different sources including web, email, phone and referrals are captured in FLG, the source is tracked and a personalised email is sent to acknowledge each one.
  • Each lead type follows an automated process where, for instance, fields from web enquiries populate a standardised email template to register leads with office providers.
  • All lead details and customer contact is recorded in FLG, and users are prompted at each stage to ensure nothing is missed and leads are progress quickly and efficiently.
  • Once fully qualified, leads are transferred to office providers via an email template that allows data to be fed directly into their system, saving time and avoiding errors.

By using the built-in reporting functionality, Jonathan can identify where the best sales leads come from and dedicate more resources into those areas. This is something he really values about FLG – he has everything he needs to do business included in a monthly subscription.

This also includes the tools to build new workflows that can automate any process, which he can implement, test, and leave to their own devices.  Compared to what it would cost to pay a software developer to build something specific for each process, this saves him a huge amount of money.


“We chose FLG because it's a blank canvas that allows us to instantly roll out our ideas to automate and control our processes, without any additional development costs!”

Jonathan Ratcliffe, Senior Broker


Despite launching just a few months ago, the business is already processing around 100 leads each month and has helped many customers find their ideal office space. They now have plans to expand by introducing additional lead generation sources in the near future.

This includes working with traditional property agents – only made possible by using a secure platform, because compliance with GDPR and data privacy policies is a great concern for them. By using FLG to transfer leads, they eliminate any risks by ensuring valuable data is input into secure web forms, compliantly held in the platform and safely delivered to partners.  

Additionally, Jonathan plans to streamline processes even more by transferring lead data directly into partner systems via webhooks, and giving lead buyers and suppliers access to an FLG partner portal to track their transactions. With the flexibility to send and receive leads as both a buyer and a seller in this way, FLG gives them all the functionality they need to successfully grow the business.

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