Customer profile

Company name: Watts Marketing Ltd.
Business type: Home improvements and renewable energy lead generation
Agents using FLG: 90
Leads per day: Up to 600
FLG customer since: 2015

Watts Marketing Ltd. is a well-established lead generation company that prides itself on supplying a high volume of quality leads to companies across the UK.

As a growing lead generation company with over 20 years’ experience in the renewable energy and home improvements industry, Watts Marketing was searching for a platform that would make it easy for new and existing staff to refer a high volume of quality leads to its partners.


  • The company was searching for a system to make it easier for staff to refer a high volume of leads to its partners.
  • With new staff joining the team on a regular basis, the new system needed to be simple and intuitive enough to pick up in a day to two.


  • They implemented the FLG platform to help manage the flow of leads through the business and refer them to external partners.
  • New staff members quickly become familiar with the platform and find it easy to use.


FLG makes it easy for us to refer leads to our partners


  • The platform’s automated workflows and bulk email features automatically trigger welcome and follow-up messages.
  • They use the SMS feature to send out reminders and follow-up messages – over 2000 text messages per month.
  • The business also benefits from using FLG for recruitment purposes, to contact and qualify applicants within the platform before handing them over to the recruitment manager.

Visit the Watts Marketing website or contact us for more details.

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